7 Important Facts about Karwa Chauth Celebration that you Know

  1. Karwa Chauth & Pati Parmeshwar

The word Pati Parmeshwar came into being as a result of the celebration of Karwa Chauth. Pati Parmeshwar means that husbands must be considered as God as their wives and it’s the duty of every wife to serve her husband.

  1. Is for both Married & Unmarried women

The day long fast is kept from sunrise to the moonrise across the Northern part of India by married women. In many parts of the country unmarried girls keep this fast either in the want of a desired partner or for their fiancée if engaged. These days a group of some learned men have also started the campaign #FastForHer.

  1. Special Fasting Rules for Unmarried Girls

Unmarred girls who are fasting on Karwa Chauth can break their fast without seeing the Moon rising in the sky and just after seeing the stars. While for married women it is necessary to see Moon only then they can break their fast.

  1. The tradition ways of getting ready for Women

On this day women get ready in whole traditional attire same like a newly wedded bride. Pink and red are specifically considered the symbols of a happy marriage and so they will dress up all in these colors. They wear traditional Lehengas or heavy suits on this day.

  1. Karwa Chauth & the Tradition of Mehandi

Karwa Chauth is incomplete without putting Mehnadi! Women put on Mehnadi on both of their hands as it is considered as the symbol of bringing in good luck into the pious relationship of husband and wife. Apart from that Sindoor, Bindis, and bangles are also important part of Karwa Chauth celebration.

  1. Everything should be New

According to traditions it’s considered auspicious to wear everything new on this day. From the dress that is worn to Jewelleries to Puja items to cosmetics everything should be fresh and new during Karwa Chauth celebration.

  1. The Tradition of Sargi

Many out there do not have the knowledge of Sargi! It’s actually the gift that a mother-in-law sends to her daughter-in-law with law on this day of Suhag that is Karwa Chauth. Sargi includes sweets and other eatables that women fasting can eat before Sunrise.

So, these are some of the important facts about Karwa Chauth you must be aware about before embarking on the journey of celebrating the big day. Apart from the above mentioned facts and traditions there are a number of other traditions like decoration of Karwa Chauth Puja Thali, reciting the Karwa Chauth Katha and much more. It’s a great idea to know the nitty-gritty of the celebration before the big day arrives.

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