7 Home Maintenance Tips That Would Save Your Thousands

Do you think, you’re not responsible for home maintenance and you’d just call a handyman if a problem occurs?

If you’re a multi-millionaire and don’t care about wasting money, then you can think like that.

But if you’re mediocre with hard-earned money, then you’re mistaking.

A homeowner was sad about spending thousands for major home repairs annually. Later, he found the idea of manual regular home maintenance.

By implementing on it, he saved thousands that he used to waste before.Due to the above, here are the tips, how you can do manual regular maintenance to save your thousands of rupees from major repairs.

Here they are:

Tip# 1) Clean Your Refrigerator’s Condenser Coils with Vacuum Machine:

Refrigerators are as important as oxygen during summer. Because of being unaware, their condensers’ coils get dirty and clogged with dust, hairs and other things.

That’s the reason it starts taking more energy, yet not enough chill.

Therefore, it should be cleaned once or twice annually.

Practical Method:


Step 1: Unplug the refrigerator.

Step 2: Remove the grill protecting the coils.

Step 3: Clean it all with vacuum cleaner’s hose.

Tip# 2) Clean Your Refrigerator’s Ice Cube Maker to Drink Pure:

The ice maker is an important part of a refrigerator. It helps in creating ice to use it for enjoying drinks.

They also need to get cleaned twice or thrice a year.

The best way to clean it is:

Step 1: Take white vinegar.

Step 2: Have warm water.

Step 3: Mix them equally.

Step 4: Clean ice maker with it.

Tip# 3) Clean Your Bathroom’s Exhaust Fans with Soap:

Exhaust fans are used to take out odors and moisturization.

Imagine how you’d feel if your bathroom would have odours constantly.No need to panic because here is the practical way to clean it to make it function properly:

Step 1: Take the water.

Step 2: Mix soap in it.

Step 3: Wash your fan with it.

Step 4: Wash it twice a year.

Tip# 4) Flush the Geyser for Efficiency:

You need to flush your geyser twice a year as home maintenance Services . Because the calcium and magnesium get stuck in it that reduce the efficiency of the geyser.

If you feel reluctant flushing your geyser, then you may call a handyman. He would charge you an affordable rate that would save you from any potential major loss.

Tip# 5) Clean the Dishwasher with Vinegar:

The dishwasher gets stains and discolorations besides odours. Their solution is to clean it a few times every year.

The best hack for all those problems is:

Step 1: Take a bowl

Step 2: Have vinegar

Step 3: Fill the bowl with the vinegar

Step 4: Keep it in the middle of the bottom rack.

Step 5: Run a normal wash cycle.

Tip# 6) Clean Shower Heads After Every 3 Months:

Water minerals clog the shower’s nozzle. Without cleaning them, the water pressure would get uneven and lower.

To get rid of this problem, you need to fulfil the following tasks:

Step 1:Take off shower head.

Step 2: Clean it with a toothbrush

Step 3: Flush shower head with hot water.

Step 4: Repeat the procedure after every 3 months.

Tip# 7) Cut Risky Trees Harmful for Your Home:

Large trees and their limbs closer to your home can become a nightmare due to storms and others.

Therefore make sure that the trees closest to your home are annually inspected by an arborvitae or gardener.

If he would suggest you to cut a weak tree or its branch that could potentially damage your home, then fulfill it quickly.


We hope, after reading all the above, you’d not take it lightly or non-seriously to take manual and regular home maintenance.

It’s better to do something boring for the sake of saving thousands later.

Moreover, don’t just read them and forget. Instead, note all the important points precisely and practice them as prescribed.


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