7 Healthy Habits for Your Child

As a parent, you always want what is best for your child. While they may ask for ice cream and TV before bedtime, you are the one who must tell them no and influence them to be healthier. Sometimes, it’s difficult to know what is best for them, especially if you’re exhausted from running around after them all day! For some guidance, here are seven habits for a healthy, happy child.

1: An Early, Colourful Breakfast

Sometimes, just getting a plate in front of them is enough. If there’s any meal you should put effort into, though, it is breakfast. Breakfast provides them with the energy that they need for the day’s adventures, so make sure it is as nutritious as possible. Consider a bowl of porridge with a sprinkling of blueberries, a slice of jam of toast with a side helping of apple, or a fresh smoothie containing all their favourite fruits!

2: Regular Physical Activity

Don’t let your child become a couch potato – get them up as often as you can! Take regular walks with them, visit parks, and discover new areas to visit at the weekends. Encourage playing outside as much as possible, as the fresh air is good for them (plus, it will tire them out for bedtime!).

3: Bedtime Reading

Reading is essential for children to get into early, as it encourages creativity and improves school performance. Discourage screen time before sleep and bring reading into the equation. Read to them a variety of inspirational adventures and have their imagination run wild just in time for dreaming. You will discover imaginative storytelling in authors Juliana Sheikh, where you will find stories worthy of re-telling.

4: Allocate a Time for Homework

If your child is old enough to get homework, then allocate a particular time each day for the work to be finished. Clear the kitchen table and sit your little one down to complete their school work. The sooner they fall into this habit, the better they will be at keeping up with their work as they grow older.

5: Road Safety

Road safety is essential for children to learn young. You want your kid to be as safe on the road as possible once they reach the age they can walk alone, so getting them into the habit of looking left and right and waiting for the green man early will ensure that it sticks in their head in time.

6: Positive Thinking

One that can be missed, positive thinking is a helpful habit to teach your child into, especially when they’re young. It’s easy for people to fall into negative mindsets, but if you encourage your child to think positively, then they will be more likely to keep that way of thinking. Remember, your child learns from mimicking, so try your hardest to adopt positive thinking into your own life, and your kid will follow suit.

7: A Regular Sleeping Hour

Bedtime is a challenge for many parents, but this is why it’s important to get them into a sleeping schedule as soon as possible. Choose a bedtime for them and make sure they stay in bed until they fall asleep. Kid’s need around ten hours of sleep a night, so allow them enough time to get that (and maybe more if they tend to wake up often!).

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