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7 Healthy Habits For a Stress-Free Life - Likeitgirl

7 Healthy Habits For a Stress-Free Life

stress free life

Stress is a part of life, and no one can be wholly free from stress. However, you have the ability to make your life what you want and change how stress effects your development. Mostly life stress is about uncertainty or regrets about the past. Your thoughts are your life, and you can make life better by taking steps to make your thoughts become quality. Importantly remember that though yesterday is part of you, you cannot change what happened. You can only learn from the mistakes and move on to focus on the future. Try the habits mentioned below and you will learn to have a stress free life.

1. Visualize the universe

We are always surrounded by what we need. The universe has got many things available for grab. Unfortunately, we often concentrate on what we don’t have and are never keen to notice what the universe offers. When you are in stress, it is important to take some time to concentrate on the beauty of the universe. This will amazingly help you relax. Take time to focus on the things you want to get done. At times, you will be astonished at how easy they are and how effortlessly you need to do them.

2. Concentrate on your breathing

I know you are asking why this is important, and you are always breathing all the time so long as you are alive. Focusing on your breath is paramount. Once in a while and especially when you are making decisions or changes, take the time to take deep breaths. This will improve awareness and reduce whirling. When you breathe, you feel expansive and keen. You can focus on whatever it is you are doing and can give you strength to be focused in your activities for healthy lifestyle . This is important as it helps you to get conscious of what you are involved in during the day. Deep breaths are believed to transform moments and contribute to reducing stress and anxiety.

3. Notice your tendencies

Most of the time we do not dwell in the present and we end up focusing on the past events. We waste quality time dwelling on worries. You can take care of this by writing down what takes you away from your present. The most common tendencies are anxiety, guilt, pleasure seeking, worry, fear and regret. This will help you take care of situations. If guilt eats you up, then you will be keen not to make some mistakes. Anxiety helps you to prepare for the future.

4. Practice acceptance

Acceptance will come in immediately you become aware of your tendencies. Once you learn to accept things, you will be slow to judge yourself. This is because you will have worked adequately in the areas pointed to you by your tendencies. This way you will feel that you did your best and could not do better to influence the results or outcomes.

5. Be determined

Once you learn to listen and take care of your tendencies, you will learn to do things right. Tendencies help you to have determination. This can be helpful bearing in mind that you have a lot of time in the present to work towards your goal. Fresh mind will keep you away from tension and also it will help in joint pain relief.

6. Question your thoughts

It is important to examine what you think as many times it could be wrong. Pausing to breathe and concentrate on your breath gives you this chance. Think of your emotions. There is power in thinking and it always leads to happiness. However, you have to shut negative thoughts. They do not add any quality to life. You, however, need to take the time to think of negative thoughts when they arise and find the ways to correct the cause.

7. Use reminders

Dwelling on situations out of the present will not give you any peace. You can, therefore, arrange for weekly reminders that will constantly be reminding you when you go astray.


These habits will help you with your life and keep stress away. Health news, however, emphasizes on the importance of healthy eating as a habit to help reduce stress


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