7 Hacks to Hide Skin Imperfections Caused By Allergies

The seasonal shift can hit badly causing allergies to sensitive skin. Treating skin allergies through medication taken on doctor’s advice is the best possible thing to do. But when there is an event or you are planning for a date, then makeup can help you hide those allergic symptoms and skin imperfections instantly.

Season change can bring allergies such as itchiness and puffiness that can take a toll on your appearance. Fortunately, there are a lot of branded cosmetics for less available that can help in hiding such allergic reactions.

Sensitive skin that is allergic or prone to allergies has its complications. Finding the right kind of beauty products that can hide skin imperfections caused by allergies and will not harm your skin, can be tricky. Cheap Barry M makeup and high quality products can calm your skin but, at the same time, you need something gentle as your skin is sensitive. Likewise, you want to exfoliate all the dead skin, but using exfoliator can damage your skin.

Talking to the doctor and treating seasonal allergies once and for all is, of course, the best option, but it will take time to free your skin from allergies. We have gathered some essential beauty products that can help you in quick relief.

  • Calming Serums

The serum is a skincare product that can be applied directly to the skin as it deeply penetrates into the skin and deliver a high concentration of active ingredients. This makes it a great tool for targeting skincare concerns such as blotchy, itchy and inflamed skin. Switching to calming serum can help in minimizing allergic reactions.

  • Concealers

A concealer or a colour corrector used to mask dark circles, pigmentation and covering up the redness. It is super hydrating hence is great on the flaky nose. The concealer comes in a variety of shades. One can choose one or two shades lighter than their skin tone to properly hide all the blemishes, dark circles and redness.

  • Cooling Eye Drops

Eye drops are best for treating eye allergies such as itchiness or other bacterial infections. Makeup artist use eye drops, to make their client’s eyes look white and bright. It can also help in clearing out red eyes and mucus from the outer surface. Eye drops are specifically used for eye-related allergies to give a soothing relief to your eyes.

  • Lip Balms

Lip balms contain a high amount of moisturising agents such as petroleum jelly, Shea butter etc. Wax is added to help balm to stick to lips. Lip balms are used for treating chapped lips which generally happens due to lack of moisture. Use the lip balm that contains camphor and menthol as it acts as mild anaesthetics and soothes the irritated, chapped and allergic lips.

  • Gentle Exfoliator

Exfoliators are used to remove dead skin and clean the pores (black and whiteheads). Exfoliators that contain smaller particles do not harm the skin and removes all the dirt present gently. These exfoliators help in stimulating circulation, helping synthesize collagen, and promoting cell turnover. Use products that contain natural ingredients or are skin-friendly.

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