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7 Habits To Keep Your Home Clean - Likeitgirl

Have you ever wondered how people with always neat houses manage to keep their homes in such outstanding condition? They certainly don’t spend hours on cleaning each day (unless they are cleanliness freaks, but this is a whole different story). They have exemplary careers, spend quality time with family and friends, and even cook dinners five times a week. Sometimes their secret advantage is the help of professional housekeepers, cooks and other types of home help. 

But more often than not, it is their consistent daily habits that help them keep an organised and clean dwelling. The good news is you don’t need elaborate schedules and routines, but just a few tweaks you can easily add to your everyday routine. Follow these tips and you will be astonished by the quick transformation to one of those fancy neat homes.

1. Make Your Bed

If you only do one thing a day towards a neater home, let it be making your bed first thing in the morning. This simple act, which will take you no more than two minutes, makes the bedroom look much tidier. Plus, starting your day this way will set your mind on the right tracks. What’s even better, having the will to make your bed first thing after you get up, will make you feel like an achiever and not a slacker. The simple act of making your bed can make all the difference towards a successful lifestyle.

2. Add A Quick Bathroom Clean-Up To Your Morning Routine

Just a few swipes during your morning routine can keep your bathroom sparkling. Wipe up the sink straight after you brush your teeth and wash your face. Use a disposable towel or a cloth sprayed with multi-purpose detergent. Wipe the shower glass with a squeegee after you take a shower. This will take seconds but will have multiple outcomes at once: prevent dried water stains on the glass; lower the humidity level and thus prevent the growth of bacteria and mould.

3. Make a Plan and Stick to It

Search the internet for weekly and monthly apartment cleaning schedules that will fit your lifestyle or create one yourself. Put it in writing and add the tasks to your daily organiser. Just 20 minutes of cleaning and organising a day can improve the condition of your abode. Cleaning is not the best pastime, of course. Yet, if you do it in small takes, it will be more manageable than spending the whole weekend scrubbing and dusting. Combine these 20 minutes with an activity you enjoy, and you’ll never know when the time passed. For example, turn up your favourite tunes, or opt for relaxing nature sounds and use the time of manual work to ease your mind. Alternatively, listen to an audiobook or a TED talk.

4. Put everything in its place

Have a designated place for each of your possessions. Don’t allow clutter to rule over you. A simple rule of thumb is if you don’t use an item daily, put it away. Also, consider an organised junk drawer and a junk basket, they’ll help a lot in the battle with clutter. Don’t procrastinate and don’t fall in the trap of just leaving items around the house. Every time you use something, put it back to its place after you’re finished.

5. Put Away Your Clothes At The End Of The Day

The same principle goes to your clothes. A pile of T-shirts on the chair doesn’t look good. What’s more, just looking at it is demotivating for your new “tidy house” routine. Just spend a couple of minutes at the end of the day and put your clothes for laundry or back in the closet. Or if you want to avoid putting worn clothes in your closet with the clean ones, you can invest in one of those hampers that double as benches. The clothes are stored safely within it and you can still use it as a chair. 

6. Deal With Dirty Dishes Before You Call It a Day

Never go to bed with a sink full of dirty dishes. Load the dishwasher after dinner and save yourself time and unpleasant sights early in the morning. Make a habit of doing the dishes straight after dinner. It takes some will to do it but you will be grateful to yourself the morning after.

7. Go digital and kiss your mailbox goodbye

Paper clutter accumulates quickly and is tough to put in order. The worst part is that bills get lost in huge piles of paper, you forget about them and then get in trouble for not paying them. To solve the problem, choose a suitable mail organising system. And better yet, switch to digital invoices and bills wherever possible. It will be much easier to organise these in your email, and not to mention it will be best for the environment too. 

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