7 Great Tips to Help Your Child Prevent Tooth Decay

All parents like to see their children happy and smiling. But this gorgeous smile needs proper care. Unfortunately, almost 24 percent of children at the age of 5 have tooth decay. This can affect the development of permanent teeth and cause serious dental problems in the future. For this reason, it is highly important for parents to give their children the right dental care equipment and explain the importance of proper dental hygiene. 

Below are 7 recommendations for parents to prevent pediatric tooth decay and preserve the dental health of their children. 

1. Regular dental appointments

Many parents mistakenly think that there is no need to visit the dentist until the child has permanent teeth. But taking care of milk teeth is just as important because it can affect the development of permanent ones. Be sure to take your child to the dentist as early as possible. Explain to your child that the dentist is an essential part of their healthcare routine. 

You can schedule an appointment at the kids dental center. Pediatric dentists are trained to work with children and can help them cope with dental phobia. 

2. Use the right toothpaste

To preserve the dental health of your child, be sure to choose the right toothpaste. The main ingredient to look for in the toothpaste for children is fluoride. This ingredient helps strengthen the teeth’ enamel and decreases the risk of tooth decay. Using fluoride toothpaste may even help reverse tooth decay in the early stages. 

3. Get your child used to brush their teeth

Of course, in the beginning, you’ll have to brush your children’s teeth. But when your children becomes older, it is important to gradually give them more responsibility. This can help your children develop healthy dental habits and maintain good dental health later in life. To get your child interested in maintaining good oral hygiene, you can turn this process into a game.

4. Set a good example

You need to remember that you are the best example for your children. To teach them to maintain good dental hygiene, you need to do it yourself. One of the best ways to show a good example is brushing together. Brushing together will help make sure everyone brushes for the full two minutes and does it properly. 

5. Cut down on sugar

It is recommended for parents to minimize the intake of sugary foods and drinks in their children’s diet. A diet high in sugar is a major risk factor for tooth decay. When your children consume sugary foods and drinks, the sugars remain on their teeth and feed bacteria. These bacteria produce acids that weaken the tooth enamel and make bacteria penetrate deeper inside the tooth. This puts your kids’ teeth at risk of decay. 

To decrease the risk of decay, ask your children to rinse their mouth with water to remove sugars and bacteria. Avoid brushing their teeth immediately after consuming the surgery products. This can further damage the enamel. 

6. Don’t share eating utensils with your children

It isn’t recommended to share your eating utensils with your kids. If you have tooth decay or gum disease, the bacteria from your mouth can spread to your child’s mouth. This can cause the development of the same dental issues in your child. 

7. Teach kids the correct way to use a tooth floss

Dental floss is an essential part of taking care of your children’s teeth and gums. It helps clean the places where the toothbrush cannot reach. Cleaning between the teeth helps remove the plaque and bacteria that can cause tooth decay

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