The basic principles of a successful start and subsequent business development are looming more and more vividly. Those who are skeptical about them, or who do not keep pace with the trends, are left behind. Today, to be successful, you need to be fast and flexible. Learn to quickly generate ideas in changing circumstances and bring them to life, adjusting to these circumstances. We prepared for you a few great business ideas to inspire you and help you start.


Onsite services

There are a number of mobile enterprises and performers who need to go directly to the customer to perform their services. The plus is that you don’t need a large, presentable office as such, especially at the start.

These types of services include the following ideas:

  • Lawns maintenance
  • Landscaping
  • Installation and maintenance of air conditioners in offices
  • Computer maintenance and network administration
  • Repair and maintenance of printers
  • Photo and video filming of events
  • Organization and holding of holidays and events
  • Private visit of a doctor at home

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Online training

Now, without leaving home, you can learn anything. And even those trainings that have never been conducted online before are now being actively rebuilt.

If you are an expert in a particular field, then you can already start organising a course, or even a mini-course.

The most popular online training courses:

  • copywriting
  • maintaining Instagram accounts
  • web development
  • graphic design
  • programming
  • creation and promotion of sites
  • setting up advertising
  • doing business
  • sales and more


Intermediary services

What are intermediary services? There is a legal entity / individual who sells / produces something. And there are potential clients. The intermediator’s job is to bring these two sides together and help them to mutually cooperate, getting paid for it.

Intermediary services include the following business ideas:

  • Transportation of goods
  • Courier service
  • Real estate services
  • Recruitment services
  • Traffic Arbitration
  • Partnership programs

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B2B cooperation

This is a huge service industry provided by independent contractors, private entrepreneurs and outsourcing firms, freelancers who help businesses solve routine tasks and automate workflows in order to free up time for development, analysis and growth.

These include the spheres:

  • Online Marketing
  • Branding agencies
  • Consulting business
  • Auditing
  • Sale and installation of software
  • Rent of premises for seminars and training


Other service ideas

Here we want to include business ideas that provide one or a set of services to the end consumer. These services can be provided by either one person or a full-fledged company.

  • Freelance services (copywriting, SEO, SMM, programming, web design, interior design, etc.)
  • Services in the field of beauty (haircuts, styling, make-up, manicure, pedicure, visage, etc.)
  • Decoration for weddings / birthdays
  • Private photo sessions
  • Professional massage

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Eco-related ideas

The demand for ecological products is only gaining momentum and will not stop. Many people realize how badly our planet is polluted, and they begin to correct it in small steps.

You can also build a business on this trend, here are some ideas:

  • online store of environmentally friendly things
  • sale of eco-boxes for going to the store
  • production of eco blocks
  • eco dishes
  • biodegradable coffee / tea cups, cocktail straws


Manufacturing Ideas

Of course, production is very different from each other, but often these are the most expensive businesses. Especially if you need special equipment or a lot of documents and permits (food industry). But if any of the areas is close to you, then you need to try. But first, you need to calculate everything in detail, draw up a business plan, and consult with experienced specialists.

Here are some business ideas for production that do not require exorbitant investments. You can start production of:

  • dried fruits
  • hard cheeses
  • semi-finished products
  • drinking water
  • concrete products
  • disposable tableware and biodegradable bags
  • sewing workshop
  • decorative candles
  • exclusive packaging
  • takeaway food packaging

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3 principles of successful business in 2021:


Functioning within the company

One of the most important items in any business is the people who work on it. It is very important that you choose your employees carefully and that you all work well together. Make sure that you enable good communication and data exchange between employees, whether you work from home, in the office or in the field. An employee engagement platform can help you with this.


You need to clearly understand WHO you are, WHAT you are doing and FOR WHOM you are doing it. This is the basis. All the following actions should be based on this.

Only with a clear positioning can you understand who your target audience is. And only in this case it is possible to build a sales funnel, forecasting results and the budget for advancement.

Debugging from competitors

People need to understand why they need to buy / order from you and not from someone else. And often business owners themselves do not understand this.

If a person does not understand the value of your product, he will buy where it is cheaper, and often it will not be your product or service.



So, there are enough ideas to start your business from scratch in 2021. They are quite diverse – with large and minimal investments, with huge and little competition. By the way, if there are no competitors at all, then think carefully about the relevance of that idea.

We wish you all the success in starting your business and loyal and grateful clients!



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