7 Food Packaging Design Ideas for Your Start-Up

Primarily, food packaging is done to ensure the overall protection of the contained product. However, the design of food packaging should also be noticeable enough to compel consumers to buy that product. Whether you are running a restaurant, launching a bakery or are into meal-service providing, the packaging of the product must sell itself.

Just bear in mind that the package of your food product is your first brand ambassador and has a major role in generating higher revenues. To design an eye-catchy yet functional food packaging design, you can even hire a professional food packaging company. Here we have enlisted some food packaging design ideas from which you can take inspiration from.

  1. Veritable Yet Attention-Grabbing Packaging for Eggs: Heat-Pressed Hay

Using Heat-Pressed Hay to pack the eggs is a brilliant idea, which is secure and at the same time attention-grabbing as well. This packaging design does not only provide protection to the eggs from breakage in case they fall but is also a veritable design. 

  1. Go for Eco-Friendly Packaging Design: Clamshell Plastic Packaging

Being concerned about the environment, design your food package in view of that so it can be profitable for the environment as well as you. It is also because a large number of customers are concerned about eco-friendliness. For that reason, incorporating a recyclable packaging design is award-winning in the present times. For instance, clamshell plastic packaging design puts the fewer burden on the environment, is eye-catching and offers absolute protection to the product as well.

  1. Make It Functional: Its Cost-Effective Too

Usually, the food packaging design has its role only in protecting the food until it is being consumed and attracting the consumer to make a purchase. However, one can do more with the packaging design by adding to its functionality. For instance, by offering a range of bottle caps, coke has come up with highly functional packaging design. Consumers can use it as a multipurpose spray bottle instead of throwing it in the trashcan after drinking thebeverage. 

  1. Try Innovative Food Packaging Design: It is Captivating

Incorporating innovative food packaging design is a captivating way to draw the attention of more and more consumers towards your product. To fulfill this purpose, you can have some information imprinted on carrying bags. It can be anything like a fact, an inspirational quote or some lovely poetry. In fact, it is a fruitful way of spreading education/awareness and keeping the consumer engaged.

  1. Think for Something Extra: It is Winning

Giving consumers a little more, other than the food product, with the packaging design can be money-making and fascinating. For example, think of the mini pocket attached in front of a bag of fries. It allows the consumers to squeeze the ketchup inside it instead of the communicable plate of paper. 

  1. Easy Handling and Portion-Controlling: It is Convenient & Healthy

Imagine a food packaging design offering easy handling of the food and allowing portion control as well. You can take the inspiration from spaghetti or parmesan cheese packaging design available in the market. 

  1. Make the Most Out of a Packaging Design: Allow Reusability

How great it would be to reuse the food packaging for burning a candle! The package of honey manufactured with 100% beeswax is allowing consumers to make the most out of the packaging design. Other than that, you can find a lot of products in the market that comes up with reusable packing, for example, jams, cookie jars, dessert baskets and more.

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