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7 Fall 2019 Shoe Trends You Need to Know About - Likeitgirl

Fall is right around the corner and with it, the newest shoe trends come knocking on our door. If you’ve thought the last season was fabulous and outstanding, wait until you see what the designers all over the world have created for this year. With a plethora of eccentric designs, shapes and colours, this fall will have some of the most ground-breaking and astounding shoe trends you’ll be wearing for more than just one season.

Shearling to keep you warm

Winter months aren’t here yet, but sometimes fall mornings and nights can feel almost as cold as winter, in which case you’ll benefit from a warm layer of shearling in your footwear. Furry fabric will be all over various types of shoes, and if you need boots to offer you utmost warmth, go for the ones with shearling lining. Over-the-knee boots will look fabulous and keep you cosy during chilly fall days, and to be prepared for winter days, pick up a pair of shearling-lined UGG boots.

Bejewelled for the ultimate glitz

Jewels are no longer only a part of your clothes and accessories, but they’re shifting onto footwear as well. From pumps to boots and flats, everything is bejewelled to add extra sparkle to your ensemble. You’ll easily fancy up your feet by adding a bit of glitz making them as divine as ever.

White boots are made for walking

Black, maroon, brown and khaki were the most common colours of boots, but this season we’re witnessing a huge turnover. White boots are going to be the talk of the town so it’s high time you went looking for your perfect pair of fall boots. Knee-length will look the most flattering, allowing you to match them with some more vibrant colours. From white croc to white leather and whether you go for those with black heel or brown soles, white boots will make you look fashionable and have you go for miles.

Pedal to the metal

Bring extra shine to your footwear collection and wear a pair of metallic shoes. Be it a pair of pointed-toe heels, booties or knee-high boots, you’ll add an unexpected flair to your basics. With statement footwear, you can tone down the rest of the outfit with solid colours.

Buckled up

The previously feminine-looking footwear will get more edge with buckles popping up everywhere. From stilettos to flats, whether you see one, two or more than three buckles, and rugged straps, 2019 will be all about buckles. Boots, pumps, stilettos, and even sandals – buckle overload is one of the main trends of the 2019 fall collection. Keep in mind that extra buckles will require more time for you to dress up in the morning if you opt to spend your day flaunting this fabulous trend.

Ankle wrapped pumps

Is it a sandal, is it a pump – well, it’s actually two in one. Now you’ll be seeing wraps around the ankles as a focal feature of your favourite type of shoes – the fabulous pump. Built-in wraps will both secure your ankle and add an extra flair to your fashion style making the pumps more functional and trendy.

Snake print boots

Snake print was definitely the most popular print in 2019 and it’s not going anywhere in the fall either. You’ve loved sandals and ballerina flats with snake prints, so we have no doubt you’ll fall in love with neutral snake print boots as well. Be it calf-high or over-the-knee, snake print boots will complement every outfit. 

Final thoughts

From shearling-lined boots to bejewelled pumps, white boots, metallics, snake print, ankle wrapped footwear and to buckle overload, 2019 shoe trends will be nothing short of fabulous. Pick out your favourite boots and rock them like a pro all fall long. 

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