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Depending on how you use it, makeup can enhance your natural beauty or infuse you with Hollywood glamor. These simple tricks and tips can help you make sure that your face always looks picture-perfect.

Start With a Blank Canvas

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Prepare your skin for makeup application by cleansing gently to remove oil and dirt. If your skin is dry or flaky, regular exfoliation will help your makeup glide on smoothly. A primer will blur imperfections and prepare your skin perfectly for makeup application. Some primers also mattify, fill pores, or tone down redness.

Apply Foundation With A Sponge or Brush

If you’ve always applied foundation with your fingertips, you’ll be amazed what a sponge or brush can do for you. When you use a makeup sponge, dampen it first and wring it out firmly. Use the sponge to pat your foundation all over your skin. This ensures an even application with a natural appearance. If you’re applying with a brush, use a light touch and downward strokes, so the makeup doesn’t get ground into your skin and the fine hairs on your face lie down smoothly.

Blush Softly

A little blush goes a long way. You want a soft hint of color on your skin and not bright dots of pink. Choose a color that’s very sheer or just a little brighter than your skin tone. Apply it with a light hand over the apples of your cheeks and blend it toward your hairline.

Balance Your Eyes and Brows

Your eyeliner, mascara, and brows will set the tone for your whole look, and they need to balance out one another. For a glamorous evening look, choose black mascara or false eyelashes and line your eyes with black or a dark color. For this look, you’ll need clearly defined brows to frame the eyes; use a powder or pencil to outline and fill the brows, and add a highlight color to the brow bone.

For a more natural daytime look, use a light coat of brown or brown-black mascara and just brush your brows into place, securing them with a bit of brow gel or wax if they’re unruly. As you mature, wear less eyeshadow and let your liner and lashes bring your eyes forward.

Long-Lasting Lips

You can get by with a light gloss on your lips, but if you want a stronger lip color that lasts all day, choose one of the two-step lip colors that last up to 24 hours. Outline your lips with a pencil first, being careful not to make your cupid’s bow too sharply defined (unless you’re aiming for a retro pin-up look).

The long-lasting liquid lip colors dry very fast, so apply them quickly with the applicator or a brush, then blot. The faster you blot after applying, the sheerer the color becomes. If you want strong color, don’t blot at all. Don’t apply the gloss or balm until the liquid from the first step has completely dried; otherwise, your color won’t last and could come off unevenly.

Stay Up To Date

Few things age you faster than outdated makeup. Follow some product publications like the Amway cosmetics blog so you always know about the latest products, shades, and tools. Resolve to try something new a few times a year instead of using the same makeup you’ve worn since high school. It’s fun to try the latest products, and it keeps your look from becoming stale.

Think About Your Overall Look

Choose makeup colors that complement your natural beauty. If you’re a fair-skinned blonde or natural redhead, go for a softly glowing look with pink or coral blush and lip colors. Women with more contrast between their hair and skin color can wear stronger shades and look lovely in bright red or berry lips and strong eye shadow colors.

Whether you’re making up for work or for a glitzy evening on the town, the trick is to enhance your own natural beauty and not paint over it. Use makeup to even out your skin tone, enhance your eyes and lips, and create an overall look that works with your coloring.

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