Severe, aching or sharp pain after sex in women is an extremely common, but easily solvable problem. There are a lot of reasons for the occurrence of pain during sex, the nature of which will determine the course of treatment. This phenomenon has a special medical term – dyspareunia. It describes persistent or repetitive genital pain, which occurs before intercourse, during or after it.

What to do about the pain after sex?

The discomfort of the lower abdomen in women who are just beginning to experience intimate life is due to the integrity of the hymen. In this case, severe short-term pain is not pathological and goes away after 3-4 sexual intercourses. The discomfort of the lower abdomen, which occurs once, is also not a cause for concern. But it’s necessary to do a pelvic examination when a sharp pain after sex becomes chronic.

With the appearance of such problems, many women prefer to minimize sex. This decision is not the way out, because it may entail even more detrimental consequences. Refusing to have an intimate life, girls condemn their bodies to premature aging due to hormonal adjustment.

Therefore, it is better to discover the reasons that provoke the appearance of unpleasant sensations. You need to know the other symptoms associated with pain after sex to understand what to do about it.

Causes of pain after sex and their solutions

1. An approaching menstruation 

A week before the menstruation, the susceptibility of the vaginal walls increases significantly. Due to the increasing size of the uterus, women may feel heaviness and bloated. Sex, in this case, will only increase the number of uterine contractions. Therefore, it is better to avoid intimacy during this period.

2. Rough sex 

Some experts exclude the possibility of pain in women caused by the anatomical incompatibility of partners because the vaginal mucosa is extremely elastic. Despite this, rough sex without preludes is able to provoke painful feelings in women. To prevent their occurrence, you should simply avoid sudden movements during sex and pay more attention to foreplay.

3. Inflammation of the bladder 

The most popular cause of abdominal pain is cystitis. In this case, discomfort is observed not only after sex but also during urination. A warm bath will help to relieve the pain, but you can eliminate of it completely only by curing the provoking disease.

4. Irregular sex life

Prolonged lack of intimacy can lead to severe pain after sex in women. The cause of these sensations is swelling and stagnation in the pelvic organs. Sharp discomfort in the lower abdomen passes without external intervention after 2-3 hours. More frequent intimacy with a partner will help you to get rid of it. 

5. Overstressed muscles 

The cause of sharp pain in the lower abdomen in women can be an orgasm. A good rest or a light massage will help in this case. You need to drink antispasmodic medication to get rid of the painful sensations after sex as quickly as possible.

6. Old injuries of the vagina and nearby organs 

Adhesions in the pelvis after previously suffered diseases, as well as breaks after childbirth or surgical sutures, can cause severe pain in the lower abdomen. As a rule, such scars hurt not only after sex but also during climate changes.

7. Candidiasis 

The most common female disease – yeast infection can cause severe pain after sex. Women can feel a sharp burning sensation, discomfort and itching in the genital area. The pain in the lower abdomen is always accompanied by a light discharge. It is possible to eliminate discomfort from yeast infection only after the complete removal of the cause of its occurrence.

How to prevent pain after sex for women

It is important to control the health of the genitals. Each woman should visit the doctor 2 times a year, undergo an ultrasound exam to exclude pathological neoplasms, and take a test for the presence of sexually transmitted diseases, which can also cause abdominal pain. It is better to choose one regular partner for sex. 

Women who are prone to pain after sex should choose sex positions in which they can control the depth of penetration. A competent approach to the issue and an understanding of the causes of pain in the abdomen will help to get rid of it and let women enjoy their intimate lives!

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