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7 Benefits Of Taking Glutamine - Likeitgirl

Ever heard of glutamine? Regardless of your answer, did you know that this supplement may have far many mysterious benefits to you? Is it the bloating after treating your taste buds from that cheat meal? Or are you battling immunity issues? Or maybe gastrointestinal health keeps you from your athletic goals?

Well, think no harder, and let’s dive into the top benefits of taking glutamine.

Improves Brain Health

Glutamine acts as the harbinger to the glutamate neurotransmitters in our brains. As the transmitters’ forerunner, glutamine balances the glutamine-glutamate cycle that keeps our brains healthy, splendid, and sound. Any disruption to the cycle births all brain complications, including anxiety, alcohol addiction, schizophrenia, Reye’s syndrome, bipolar disorder, and epilepsy.

Enhances Muscle Growth And Inhibits Muscle Wasting

Do you find it a daunting task to build muscles, boost your metabolism, upsurge your athletic performance, or even revamp your recovery? Worry no more since research also roots for glutamine to take care of all those troubles.

Glutamine adds more power to the muscles to work extra and pull further. It also prevents the body from using your muscles as carbs, thus further preventing muscle wasting.

Enhances Gastrointestinal Well Being

Being a crucial nutrient for the intestines during the repairing and rebuilding process, glutamine profits your gastrointestinal health from any kind of digestive problems. Be it Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Crohn’s disease, or even diverticulosis, your gut is well-shielded thanks to glutamine.

Restores Leaky Guts And Ulcers

Tens of millions of people are battling the Leaky Gut Syndrome (LGS). Thyroid problems like Hashimoto’s disease, skin issues like psoriasis, and issues like arthritis all arise from LGS consequences.

Glutamine restores the leaky gut and ulcers since it’s the gut’s primary fuel source for cells. Alternatively, glutamine also offers a natural remedy for belly ulcers compared to antibiotics.

Betters IBS And Diarrhea

Glutamine stabilizes the mucus production that proceeds in profiting bowel movement. This harmonious stability created by glutamine helps boost IBS and diarrhea. Incorporating glutamine in your diet is the key to reformed IBS and diarrhea or even ulcerations.

Melts Fats And Improves Diabetes As Well

Building a lean muscle mass, weight loss, and burning fats are slowly becoming a discussion of the past. Glutamine supplements ensure this by elevating the resting metabolic rate and enhancing the after-burn effect from post-exercise.

Correspondingly, glutamine also suppresses insulin levels when burning fats and during the lean building mass. Keeping the insulin levels low reduces risks of diabetes as the body uses less muscle mass to maintain the blood sugar.

Enhances Athletes’ Performance And Recuperation From Endurance Exercise

Glutamine’s principal role in detoxifying the body is by breaking the excess ammonia levels into amino acids and urea. The toxic ammonia accumulated during intense exercise is broken into less harmful waste like amino acids and amino sugars.

Similarly, long-distance athletes who use glutamine supplements greatly benefit from the enhanced immune system brought about by the supplement.

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