There’s no denying that tattoos are not only becoming more acceptable, but their demand is drastically rising by the day. Because of this, tattoo artists know that they need a safe and comfortable environment to set their tattoo shop apart from the next. Whether tattooing is a hobby or a serious business for you, here are the six best ways to improve your tattoo shop.

1. Get a New Chair

As a tattoo artist, you spend a lot of time in your chair. Hours and hours of sitting, bending, and twisting can be stressful on your back and the chair. That’s why getting a tattoo artist chair with great versatility, the ability to smoothly roll, and is comfortable on your back is essential for any tattoo artist. 

2. Create a Calm, Relaxed Atmosphere

Your clients might have some tattoos, but you will definitely have some new clients looking for their first. You’ll want to make sure you create an atmosphere that can relax them so they’re calm and your job is easier (for the most part). Try a soothing fresh coat of paint on the walls, like a shade of blue. You can also use that opportunity to advertise your work as an artist and hang up some photos and sketches, so your clients know you’re the real deal. Create an atmosphere that clients will want to come back to and bring all their friends.

3. Sell Some Merchandise

With tattoos becoming more popular, you’ll want to advertise as much as possible. A way to do this is to create a brand and stick to it. Selling t-shirts, hats, and stickers are not all that expensive, it advertises your skills as an artist, and it brings in some extra money for you. You could even partner with another brand to sell some lotion and other items after a tattoo. This not only sets your tattoo shop apart from others by having more of a brand attached to it, but it also will advertise your shop and create a more loyal clientele.

4. Get a Tattoo Gun that Suits You

A painter doesn’t paint with brushes that don’t work with them, so neither should you as a tattoo artist. When picking your tattoo gun, there are a ton of factors that play a part in the process. You’ll need to know what your style is, the vibrations, the linework, and so on. You’ll have to pick a gun that works well with you and fits your needs as an artist. It’s also important to note that this isn’t the area to try to save money in, since a bad gun can cause you to permanently give someone a bad tattoo.

5. Keep Up on New Trends

People love trying new trends, including ones with tattoos. An example of this is glow-in-the-dark tattoos and invisible glow-in-the-dark tattoos. Some of your competition in local tattoo shops may not be able to do these trends, so you should be ready and up-to-date with them to be able to beat them to the punch with these types of tattoos. It not only sets you apart from other tattoo shops but will give your shop a sense of reliability to clients.

6. Stay Up to Date on Social Media

This one may seem like a no-brainer, but sometimes it’s overlooked in its importance. As a business, media is a huge aspect of bringing in new and consistent clients. Having a website with accurate information and contact availability is huge, but also make sure you’re staying up on social media with deals, events, and just to show off your latest masterpiece. This will do a lot for setting you apart and increasing your brand name.

There are just six out of many ways to improve your tattoo shop. There is a high demand for tattoos, so making sure your shop is one that will create a loyal client base is so important. There are so many more things you could do to market and build your brand, but the biggest priorities are quality, comfort, and reliability.

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