6 Ways You Can Adorn Yourself With Sterling Silver

large sterling silver hoop earrings

Sterling Silver is an alluring metal that has been used to make jewelry for ages. Unlike its sister, gold, it is reasonably cheap and can be affordable by everyone. When worn as a piece of jewelry, it flaunts elegance, beauty and radiance that makes you look simply stunning.

Sterling Silver is an alloy made of 92.5 percent silver by weight and 7.5 percent of other metals such as copper or nickel to add to its strength without compromising its ductility and sparkling radiance.

Sterling has become a hot shot in recent times among fashionistas and celebrities alike. People have embraced this piece of metal lovingly because of its versatile look and the fact that it comes in numerous intricate designs and shapes. You can literally wear it anywhere around your body and what more; they are a favorite among men and women both!

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Let’s have a look at some of the most worn styles and selections of Sterling Silver.

Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings: Sterling silver hoops are so much in fashion today as they can be practically worn with anything. Wear a small cute pair to work or style it up with a cute dress to lunch with friends. You can try a pair of large sterling silver hoop earrings for an evening out or when you go out partying in the weekend.

Sterling Silver Pendant: A sleek sterling silver pendant could be hung on any silver jewelry chain of any length. The best part is that silver pendants of geometric shape oozes a contemporary look and hence could be worn with any outfit. You can gift it to your spouse or your better half without any second thought on your special occasion.

Sterling Silver Studs: These are perfect everyday wear. They look chic with that little tint of radiance that shines through. They are an excellent choice for times when you just want to keep it subtle yet stylish. You also get children’s sterling silver jewelry with many options to style up. Sterling silver studs for children come with really cute designs like hearts and butterflies that could cutify your baby girl even more.

Sterling Silver Bangle: These are must haves for any occasion. A thin sterling silver bangle could add poise and radiance to your look whereas a thick one could jazz things up for a cocktail party.

Sterling Silver Ring: There are countless styles of rings when it comes to sterling silver. You can style up your look and go bold and chic with an extravagant sterling silver ring with intricate design in your fingers. Let it be the only ring on your hand and let it shine on. For multiple occasions, you can go for ones with diamonds, pearls and gemstones to glow up.


And the best part is, men can wear it everyday too. A thin sharp trim metal band ring that’s classy and trendy can go really well with formal as well as casual wear. There are lot more styles in vogue so that you can jazz it up occasionally.

Silver charm bracelet: Charm bracelets are yet another attractive jewelry to enhance your overall outfit and add charm to your beautiful hands. They come in simple as well as heavy beaded styles. You can engrave them with your loved one’s initials and wear it proudly or maybe add charms of your choice to tell your own unique story. That’s what makes them special.

So, jazz it up this season and charm everyone with silver radiance. If you have got a style to define, define it well with sterling silver.

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