6 Tips to Relieve from Dry Flaky Skin Overnight

Dry skin can be irritating and uncomfortable owing to the number of factors that contribute to its occurrence. Among the factors that lead to one developing a dry skin include the type of skin and the external environmental conditions. There are also habits that can be regulated to protect a dry skin through the night, amongst which include:

1.      Gentle Cleansing

When washing the skin (bathing prior to bed), it is advisable to go for soap without fragrances. This is because they are gentle on the skin and do not contain additives that can trigger skin irritation or adverse reaction when applied on the skin. On the other hand, soaps with deodorant attributes as well as those with anti-bacterial additives can cause the skin to develop rashes and in the worst case scenario, lead to dryness. In addition to non-fragrance soaps, cleansers with ceramides also offer protection to a dry skin and as such are a perfect alternative on how to get rid of dry skin. These fatty acid molecules have moisture retention capability and help the skin to retain moisture for long periods of time.

2.      Gentle Shaving

The hair on the skin is essential and has other physiological functions fundamental to the body. It is therefore not always a good idea to remove them by shaving. However, if the situation dictates it, it is imperative to get it right because by shaving, you are not only stripping the skin of the hair (for beauty purposes or whatever reason you may have) but also removing essential oils. These natural oils in the skin are what make it hydrated for substantial periods of the day. If you have to shave the hair from the skin, the most appropriate time to do so is immediately after a warm bath when the hair is soft and easily manageable. For an added protection, use a gel or a shaving cream in the process.

3.      Shower With Warm Water

The temperature of the water for your bath matters when it comes to protecting the skin. Hot water, just like shaving strips the skin of natural oils-it dissolves away the essential oils on the skin that keep it moisturized. When trying to avoid the possibility of developing a dry skin, hot showers, saunas as well as Jacuzzis are out of the question. Warm showers are a recommended method on how to get rid of dry skin and even so, the time spent when bathing in them is of utmost importance. A good warm bath (for the skin) should last a maximum of 10 minutes and should be followed with a moisturizing process.

4.      Protect The Skin From The Sun

Sun protection is always a fundamental skin care process and not only does it help protect the skin against the harmful spectrums of UV rays from the sun, it also protects against sun damage and prevents the development of wrinkles as one ages on. The most suitable sunscreens for any skin types should contain a Sun Protection Factor of at least 30. As for the lips, a lip balm with Sun Protection Factor of 15 is suitable given the sensitive nature of the exposed lips.

5.      Moisturize

The sole purpose of moisturizers is to relieve the skin of dryness while helping it retain as much moisture as possible in the process. It is therefore impossible to neglect them when considering the treatment of a dry skin. An effective night moisturizer is dependent on the ingredients it contains. Ingredients such as shear butter, stearic acid, glycerine or ceramides make the best moisturizers. When looking for the perfect moisturizer for your skin, consider ones with a combination of many of the aforementioned ingredients if not all of them. As for the application, the best time would be following a warm bath.

6.      Invest In a Humidifier

During winter, the skin is more susceptible to dryness than during other periods of the day. Most people use air conditioners that heat the house during this cold season. Unfortunately, the process of keeping the house warm also removes moisture from the air and consequently this can lead a dry skin.  Humidifiers help replenish this lost moisture and to track the level of humidity indoors, you can also invest in a hygrometer. 


Protecting a dry skin especially overnight when there is little control to what it comes onto contact with can be involving but with the right kind of information, the process should be simple. Some of the aforementioned methods are free while others involve some financial costs. Either way, the benefits are the same and worth a try.

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