6 Tips to Keep In Mind before Booking First Cruise

Planning a cruise can be tiresome, but not quite hectic if you have the right information in your mind. One can also gather some great information from those stalwart sea-goers. So, what are you waiting for; read the entire content and be ready to explore the real beauty of the blue. May be you will get to see a mermaid! Check out some of the most valuable tips for the first time cruisers:

  1. Researching the ports in advance

One should read as much as possible prior to the cruise journey. Things can happen such as you may end up in a port, completely over-whelmed, being clueless about what all to do for the next couple of hours.

  1. Tipping double on the alcohol is a complete no-no

Majority of the big ship lines, tack around 15% of the service charge on to the bar-bills. Until and unless the entire service was spectacular, there shouldn’t be any need of adding some more tips on to the bills.

  1. Become a smart packer

There are numerous cruise travelers who have discovered few crucial points in their first cruise journeys. One of the crucial points is heavy-downpours during port calls. Until and unless things get dicey, shore excursions will rain, run or shine. If you are in a cruise you may notice that you are not alone if it’s about getting soaked to the bone. The Caribbean tropical climate is mercurial. If you are travelling to Caribbean cruise vacations, then you must pack stuffs which are light-weight, ponchos and water-proof jackets.

  1. What about the cruise food?

You may have visited all the continents, and only recently planned for a cruise. Like several of the first timers, you may hear that the cruise passengers are well fed. But how do the cruise passengers control the intake. You may come across a lot of lobster tails, molten cakes, and cream sauces; but what about the health concerns?

  1. Avoiding buffet on the embarkation day

While you may count your debarkation day as one of your worst days in life, embarkation days can be close seconds. For a lot of first timers, the process will start with quick morning-jolt out of the bed. It will continue with the lengthy sojourn to your port, and will conclude with several of thumb twiddling in bleak, amenity free terminal. Once you are on-board, chances are you will go mad dash to the buffet. On the embarkation day, you can bypass the buffet pool grill, where the passengers gather, and instead head to any dining place to get some peace.

  1. Designing ship tour for the embarkation day

For the first timers, the chances of navigating a 3000 passenger, 15 deck grand ships can become daunting. According to frequent cruisers, there’s a novel solution. Days before the embarkation, you can create your own ship tour. You can gather information on whereabouts of the lounges, alter-native restaurants and bars from the cruise-ship deck plans, ship reviews and message boards. The prime emphasis should be on making the entire experience an enjoyable one.

Ending note

Your first time cruise vacation will leave a lasting impression in your memory. You will always cherish your first time experience, your mistakes. You will cherish your memories. The tips and tricks which are given here will definitely help you to make your first experience, a great experience.

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