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6 tips to get baby soft lips in winter
Baby soft lips

Have you ever realized how ugly and uncomfortable dry lips are? I know you have, even if you have not experienced. You must have seen a friend with dry lips or might have heard her complain about the same. That is something normal that is not even close to sickness, but it is a worrying condition that may lead to your lips cracking. It occurs majorly during the winter season when the weather is very chilly. This sounds like a double tragedy since you have to keep up with the cold weather at the same time dry lips that come along with it. I know this is kind of stressing and boring experience to you, but I would like you to try the following tips to get baby soft lips and see the results for yourself.

1. Apply brown sugar

In this era of all artificial things, most people are now rushing back to the natural ways of doing things because it did not have many effects. A mixture of brown sugar and water is one of the natural ways of treating your lips. This is what you need to do; add a little water to brown sugar crystals and ensure it doesn’t fully dissolve so that you can use the wet crystals to exfoliate your lips. Use this exfoliating substance twice to thrice a week and your lips will be kept soft and free of dead skin cells.

2. Don’t forget your lip balm

Exfoliating is not enough to keep your lips moisturized. Just like hair or skin, after treatment with chemicals and rinsing with water, there is a need for some oil to keep it moisturized. Most probably you were thinking of water as a moisturizer because it is moisture, but it even makes it dry easily after that. If you need a confirmation of what I am saying, then try leaking your lips more frequently and find the evidence right there. Therefore just after exfoliation apply a lip balm such as salve. You should learn how to plump up your lips well to make the lip balm more effective. Also, there are 3 lip plumper lipstick products that include glossier product, Maybelline, Buxom and Revlon that you will serve the same purpose.

3. Take a lot of water

Sometimes drying of the lips may not be as a result of winter’s cold weather. It is sometimes as a result of dehydration in the body. Most of us do not pay much attention to taking the required amount of water. One can easily forget to drink water during a cold season that leads to too much blame on winter for our dry lips. Just take the recommended 8 glasses of water and be sure of the softest lips all through unless otherwise. Proper way on how to plump your lips on top of this will make this effective.

4. Salt solution does it

While salt might not be highly valued as sugar lips, value it. Just like brown sugar the salt is combined with water but, in this case, all the salt must dissolve. Dip a soft cloth into the solution and hold the wet cloth against your lips for about 20 minutes. This will help relief the pain that comes along with almost cracking lips and also stop it from continuing to dry hence remaining soft. Any of the 3 lip plumper lipstick products mentioned before can serve as a moisturizer.

5. Overnight treatment

You have always heard of hair and skin overnight treatment. I can almost guess that the overnight treatment of the lips may not be so familiar with you isn’t it? Honey and olive oil are the only requirements for lips treatment. The mixture of the two is applied on the lips overnight and in the morning, I promise the result will be so appealing. Both are antibacterial in nature and can easily heal a wound making suitable for treating cracked lips.

6. Coconut oil the best moisturizer

Coconut oil has always been used to make the hair soft and good looking. One most amazing thing about it is that it is also a moisturizer for the lips. You never know, it might be a moisturizer for even the skin “food for thought.” By now you must have understood how important coconut oil is to our lives. For now, just apply it to your lips and soft lips follow.


Beauty is what everyone yearns for, and we all already have maintained the difference. Well kept lips make the beauty more pronounced. Therefore don’t let yourself and me down. Apply the above tips and your lips will remain to be like that of a baby. I am sure you know what I mean.




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