We are used to ignoring body signals. We usually think that this is nonsense, it will pass by itself. However this doesn’t always work, especially if the disease is serious. You still have to go to the doctor, except that the treatment of neglected cases will be much longer and more costly than the fight against a disease that was detected at an early stage.

1. Constant Weakness and Fatigue

This condition feels as if you ran a marathon. If you spend your days at regular office work, and not at the anvil with a hammer in your hands, permanent fatigue is a warning sign. Weakness, which occurs in the afternoon and is combined with dizziness and muscle spasms, may be an early sign of the development of multiple sclerosis.

2. Dry Mouth

If you are constantly tormented by thirst, pay attention to the time of its occurrence and the accompanying signs. Dry mouth in the morning is a sure sign that during sleeping you breathed through your mouth. The reasons can be mass: from the curvature of the nasal septum to sinusitis or polyps in the nose. All this is successfully treated if you will not ignore the problem and will visit the doctor in time.

Constant thirst, accompanied by frequent urination, problems with vision and weight loss for no reason are distinctive features of diabetes. For accurate diagnosis, a series of laboratory tests are required. If the assumption is confirmed, you will have to make adjustments to the diet and lifestyle in general, so you need a doctor’s advice.

3. Stomach pain

Acute pain in the stomach area, gradually shifting lower and to the right, worse when moving, laughing or coughing? Most likely, it is appendicitis. Immediately call an ambulance. If in the upper abdomen an hour after eating there is a dull cutting pain that gives to the left hypochondrium, but after a couple of hours it subsides, it can be a stomach ulcer. As a rule, its occurrence is associated with seasonality, traditional peaks of exacerbations occur in spring and autumn. Accompanying the pain of heartburn and vomiting are additional reasons to get tested as soon as possible.

4. Bleeding Gums

Gingivitis, periodontitis, periodontal disease, gastritis or cirrhosis of the liver – it is possible that one of these diseases caused a sad condition of the gums. The final diagnosis can only be made by a doctor after consultation, examination and necessary diagnostics, so do not postpone the visit to him.

5. Headache

Severe pain, spreading over one half of the head and aggravated by bright light, noise, and movement, is characteristic of migraines. When it comes to acute infection, a pressing headache is accompanied by high fever, nausea, and vomiting. If the pain occurs suddenly, and convulsions, nausea and loss of consciousness accompany it – most likely, this is a stroke. In all these cases, it is worth contacting a doctor, and in a stroke, a quick doctor’s help is generally vital.

6. Chills

Are you constantly cold, and do your hands or feet stay cool even in hot weather? Usually, constant chills are associated with malfunctioning of the cardiovascular system, but here it is important to understand whether there are additional warning signs. If you have recently unexpectedly gained weight and noticed that the skin has become dry and brittle hair, it is likely that the hypothyroidism mentioned above is to blame. Fever, which causes nausea, numbness of the extremities and paleness of the skin, indicates anemia.

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