6 Reasons Why You Are Losing Valuable Human Resources

What are the ideal employees for any company to have? First, it’s qualified and experienced workers. These are people who are not here only for the money. They love what they do, they see their future in your company and they are eager to contribute to its prosperity the same way they are interested to grow as specialists inside it.

If people come and go and you are often in search of qualified specialists for important jobs, you as an employer should be concerned. People want to build their careers and earn more, it’s normal. But why don’t they see how they can do it inside your company? How do you preserve your valuable assets?

Below are the main reasons why valuable employees leave one company in favor of others. Maybe this can relate to your company as well? If yes, you need some strategic planning to change things and make your company attractive for qualified specialists to stay there for a long time.

1. No perspectives

This can be career growth or improving skills and developing as professionals. If your company doesn’t provide it, nobody will be interested to stay there for a long time. People will use your company to obtain a basic knowledge of certain skills and leave as soon as they find a place where they can further develop.

2. Lack of motivation

This doesn’t only concern financial motivation but although that’s important too. Employees try hard to do their job to be respected, appreciated, praised and see that their contribution is important. Their work shouldn’t just be taken for granted, such an attitude can demotivate anyone. 

3. Lack of professional growth

Experience exchange, additional education, training, establishing new connections and business trips are important parts of self-development inside your company. If you can’t provide these to your employees, soon they will stop seeing the sense of being there.

4. Lack of attention

Life is complicated and people may have different struggles in their personal life. This shouldn’t be ignored. A good employer sees when an employee has emotional burnout or personal problems. This should be understood and reacted to. Maybe all this person needs now is a couple of days off to get some rest and reload to continue working productively.

5. Lack of trust

You’re the boss and you make final decisions but the ability to listen to other points of view should be present as well. Listening to your workers and trusting them is important. Sometimes you can be wrong, we are all humans and make mistakes. This is especially important when you deal with people who see the working process from the inside and know things you may overlook yourself.

6. Lack of space for creativity

Creativity is one of the most desired qualities in human resources. This quality should have something to be put into. The ideas that may seem absurd to you may work and lead a company to a completely new level. Appreciate creativity in your employees but control the process.


Business is like life itself. You should try hard if you want the best people to stay with you. But it is totally worth trying and will pay by the loyalty of your best workers. 

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