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6 Reasons Why Y2K Fashion Will Take Over the World in 2017 - Likeitgirl

6 Reasons Why Y2K Fashion Will Take Over the World in 2017


The 2000s was the era of Britney Spears, Disney TV, chick flicks like “Mean Girls” and lots more. For the millennial today, reminiscing 2000s is like opening a Pandora’s Box of memories. While we may not be able to bring all of that today, we do see the expressive fashion making a huge return in the year 2017.

Speaking of fashion, Y2K was the time when people followed personal style over common trends. For all those were born in the late 80s or early 90s would know how fashion was an extension of your identity back then. Even though that time in our lives is laced with some questionable fashion trends that dare speak its name, there were also some that made their way into 2017 and are likely to stay for a good reason.

Here are the top 6 reasons why fashion from the 2000s will seize 2017 like a champ.

Comfortable Is The New Sexy

The way you carry your ensemble has a lot to do with your style, versus what is trending in fashion. The whole point of fashion in the 2000s was to wear what you can carry with grace, and not sport the common look. People wore what they loved, not because it is a thing right now. This is one of the biggest fashion lessons that Y2K taught to millennial and the one they are looking to carry with them, all the way into 2017.

Youthful And Playful Hairstyles

The 2000s was the era of fun and excitement. This sentiment reflected in everything from clothing to makeup to hairstyles. Don’t be surprised if you see a lot of women displaying choppy hairdo and a layered cut that frames the face. Not to mention the long bobs, that can be both lively and professional, given the right accessories. People today barely have the time to customize their look for every occasion. Anything that gives them the versatility to change on the go becomes the trend. Thanks to the spirited hairstyles from the 2000s, that is one fashion trend that is about to stay.

Because We Wear Our Attitude

Fashion in Y2K was bordering on “too cool to care” boldness. The fashion back then taught us that the most important thing in your wardrobe is your attitude. It was a fine blend of masculinity with femininity. Androgynous fashion is all about wearing your clothes with a certain kind of approach, the kind that makes it eligible for 2017. Chic activism is going to be the thing this year with fashionable rebellion, all this while maintaining your feminine side.

Style Is About You

The trend is what everybody follows, but the style is your own. One can see the revival of 2000s fashion, well into 2017. Many styles that were hugely popular back then are making a comeback. Celebrities and designers across the board like Livnfresh are seeing sporting fashion statements like choker necklaces, crop tops, rich and dark makeup that is all reminiscent of the era bygone. 2017 is bringing back the layered looks from Y2K and giving it its own spin to make it suitable for individual styles. The idea is to capture the spirit of that era and tailor it to match the sleek and aesthetic style today.

The Good Old Jeans

While high-waist jeans were highly popular and were going strong for the good part of 2016, as 2017 rolled in, the waistlines started dropping, and slouchy styles gave way to the skinny fit jeans that have been a thing since the 2000s. The boyfriend jeans hanging low on your waist has been quite a trend that is expected to go all the way into 2017 and beyond.

The Bedroom Style

From tousled hair to devil-may-care style, there is nothing that fashion conscious people are not trying. The athleisure trend goes back to the 2000s when personal style was what made the fashion statement. Don’t be surprised if you see your favorite model or celebrity wearing a stylish tracksuit at the next event. This trendsetter is not only chic but also comfortable, just the way Y2K was.


Fashion has always known to recycle, but not all trends are lucky enough to come back. The trends that have been borrowed by fashion lately are all about personalized elegance, comfort, chic and androgynous statement. The fashion these days reflects the people’s openness while expressing themselves, just the way it was back in the 2000s.

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