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6 Potential Dangers Of Not Having Your Roof Checked

The roof is the most critical line of defense for your home. When you have problems with your roof, you can encounter other issues inside the house. These issues can be costly to repair, but more important than that; they can be dangerous. Keep an eye on your roof and consider having an inspection done by an austin roofing company. Their expertise will help guide you toward the right decisions on repair and replacement, allowing you to head off these six severe dangers of a failing roof.

Electrical Hazards

Water and electricity should always be kept separate. Any invasion of water into electrical systems can cause some severe problems. If you’re lucky, it will just trip a breaker or damage a piece of equipment like a light fixture or air handling unit.


The most significant risk is fire. A leaky roof can easily allow water to come into contact with high-voltage wiring, leading to a short that ignites a fire and endangers your home and your family’s lives.

Damaged Ceilings

Water also does not play well with sheetrock. A slow water leak will create unsightly stains on the ceiling, forcing you to replace damaged areas and have them refinished and repainted.


If you don’t make repairs to the roof at that time, things can quickly escalate. The leak can become more extensive and add enough weight to the ceiling to cause a section of it to collapse. The falling material can not only damage your home’s contents but also could injure someone sitting or sleeping below it, often with little or no warning.

Rotting Wall & Ceiling Structure

Those catastrophic collapses are very dangerous but also reasonably rare. Sometimes a leak can persist for months or years, dripping onto structural members that support the entire ceiling or perhaps a wall.


When this happens, the unprotected wood slowly begins to decompose. Over time, it can weaken significantly, causing the wall to shift and settle. This can wall to crack, but it could cause a wall or ceiling to collapse more urgently. Because such an incident would bring down joists and sheetrock, it’s even more dangerous than just the sheetrock coming down.

Rotting Roof Structure

Most people only think of the shingles when they talk about the roof, including other home components. The sheeting, purlins, joists, and wind braces are all at risk of damage if water is seeping continuously through the shingles and felt.


When those areas weaken, the problem becomes much more extensive. The damaged components shift, settle, and twist, leaving them too weak to perform their roles in supporting the shingles. At this point, your shingle repair becomes a complete roof repair, dramatically increasing the cost and the time needed to complete repairs.

Mold and Other Air Contaminants

Not every problem from a leaky roof is about structural damage. Water in your attic and living space can also create significant health problems for your family, many of which are so far out of view that you’ll never see them.


Mold and mildew need moisture to grow, and a leaky roof creates a perfect environment for that. As various types of mold proliferate in your attic, your family may begin to experience problems with allergies and asthma. Severe mold types like Stachybotrys may also develop. A good roof is essential for keeping your attic dry and your family healthy.

Pest Invasions

Termites and other insects also like it when your roof leaks. These soft-bodied pests cannot survive long in a dry environment, so the moisture coming into your house helps support colonies of termites as they devour wood and paper in your home. The treatment and repair costs can be huge.


Insects, mice, and cockroaches may also be more likely to increase in your attic if you have a leaking roof and no family wants to share a home with them. A dry attic will make the space much less attractive to all pests.


A home’s roof is vitally important to keeping your home and family safe. As it ages, be sure to have it inspected based on the recommendations of your contractor. Be sure to call them right away with any problems you detect between inspections too.


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