Backyards are perfect to have a beautiful getaway whenever you need one. They have become more than just an outdoor space of your house and many see them as another living area. With so many ideas for backyard getaway, you simply have to find that perfect one that will fit your needs.

With that in mind, here are 6 ideas that will help you turn your backyard into a perfect space and an ideal part of your home.

1. Oasis on your doorstep

When you choose your plants, try to be as versatile as possible. To have a green backyard even when the summer is over, use evergreen plants like Daphne which blooms in the winter. Big leafy plants are perfect to create a shade and you can use them as a natural wall for a reading nook or a seating area.

If you want flowers, choose the ones that will bloom most of the year and have a strong fragrance. That way you will always be welcomed with colorful sites and enticing scents. Perennials like veronica and astilbe will add amazing colors and shapes to your backyard.

2. Dining area on the patio

If you have a deck, then use it to create an amazing dining area which you can easily use the whole year round. It’s a growing trend to design your patio as an extension to your living area and thus connect the two spaces with balcony doors and similar décor. Use a pergola to create a shade and protect the area from the elements, since enjoying summer rains from your deck is one of the best ways to relax.

3. Calming water features

Water is always a welcoming feature in the backyard. It can be something simple like a fountain, or a bit bigger like a Zen garden with waterfalls. However, the perfect backyard getaway deserves at least a hot tub or a small pool where you can dip and relax.

Contrary to popular belief, these features are not so expensive like they used to be and homeowners can easily add them to their backyard. Consider adding an enclosure to your hot tub, so you can use it during the winter as well which will be a hit for the parties. Use wood and stone when building so that it would perfectly go with the natural ambiance of your backyard.

4. A romantic spot

With a fire pit or fireplace in your garden, you will transform the space into an ideal romantic spot for you and your partner. It will also add light during summer nights and warm you up at the first sign of autumn. Having a fireplace by the seating area will turn your garden into an elegant living space while a fire pit is perfect to bake some marshmallows with your kids.

5. Ideal seating area

A lavish seating area in your backyard is a perfect place to entertain guests, have quality time with your family or simply relax with a good book. Add a retractable roof system over the area, and you will be able to enjoy summer rains and sunny days in a comfortable setting. Use stone tiles for the flooring and surround this area with plants so you could cool off here during the hot summers.

6. Spacious summer kitchen

Backyards are perfect for a summer kitchen where you can not only cook for your family, but also for parties. However, the best summer kitchens are those that are functional during all seasons.

To achieve this, first, create a simple structure with three walls and a roof. Use large balcony doors for the fourth wall that will easily open to reveal the kitchen. This way you can store dry herbs, jams, and other delicacies during winter and have a spacious summer kitchen at the same time.


Take a good look at your outdoor space and find the best landscaping ideas to turn into an amazing backyard getaway. Sometimes a small change can do wonders, and the big features don’t have to be as expensive as you believed. Simply discover what will make you comfortable and turn your outdoor space into a perfect getaway from the world.

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