6 Ideas for a Luxurious Master Bathroom

Creative lifestyles demand innovative designs. This is why a lot of bathrooms in modern homes are no longer spaces in the house designed merely for maintaining hygiene. They can also be points of interest, as far as design is concerned.

With thoughtful designs, homeowners can use their bathrooms beyond their original purpose. These rooms can double as a nifty laundry room, connect with a walk-in closet, and even serve as a workout room. Indeed, a bathroom in your home (with the right vision and adjustments) can be anything you want it to be.

However, if you are all about creating a luxurious space for your daily personal care and hygiene, there are remodelling ideas that are sure to meet your aesthetic and functional sensibilities. Listed below are six ideas that you may consider applying to your own home’s master bathroom.

1. Wood and stone
Most homes have beautifully tiled bathrooms with marble or granite counters. This propensity toward such a combination is about style as much as function. However, more and more interior designers these days are opting for the combination of wood and stone.

Wood used to be a no-no for bathrooms because it is prone to moulds and its appearance can change quickly due to humidity. However, ingenious wood treatments have made this material more durable and suitable for bathroom applications.

The primary advantage of using wood for bathrooms is that it makes the space more relaxing. Studies show that exposed wood makes for a cozier and more peaceful space. Also, paired with stone elements such as a carved stone sink and tub, limestone walls, and pebble floors, it creates a stunning neutral palette that can make you feel like you’re in nature right in your own home.

2. Antique gold hardware
Old-world glamorous bathrooms are also quite a popular trend. These are perfect for homes that are designed to look a lot like luxurious hotels.

To create this style, antique gold hardware items such as taps, showers, bars, lighting, and drawer handles are absolute musts. These pieces can usually be purchased online or from thrift stores, yard sales, and junkyards. Therefore, it is often a challenge to get them to function well.

To get older and potentially damaged bathroom hardware to work properly, make sure to hire master plumbers for installation and repairs.

3. Japanese Zen
Zen bathrooms combine different natural materials to create a peaceful sanctuary. Dark pebbles, bamboo, dark wood panels, and concealed hardware make up the general framework of such bathrooms.

Quite often, a Zen bathroom also has a small garden in it, which is called a “tsuboniwa.” It’s just a small space covered with moss, pebbles and has a slender tree.

Again, it’s crucial to work with expert plumbing contractors for the flawless execution of this special bathroom design concept. Concealed plumbing must be installed by professionals with the skills and experience with this design concept; the same is true with getting unconventional materials to serve as plumbing implements.

4. Natural lighting
Another popular remodelling idea for master bathrooms is the creation of natural light sources. Instead of relying on electrically powered lighting fixtures, the design integrates elements that will allow for natural illumination to pour into the bathroom.

You can have big picture windows installed instead of maintaining solid concrete walls, or incorporate sun tunnels, skylights, and roof windows to your home design. These are great alternatives if you want to make use of natural light for the bathroom.

Natural lighting in the bathroom can lead to significant energy savings. Likewise, it can make your bathroom a healthier place to spend your time in. What’s more, the sun can kill bacteria and prevent the development of moulds.

5. All-concrete
An industrial style is all the rage for modern buildings. So, naturally, a lot of bathrooms opt for the same look. All-concrete baths, however, do not always look industrial. With careful picks for hardware and layout, concrete can take on quite a luxurious feel.

According to top interior designers, high-gloss gold, black, and dark wood components make concrete look impressively sophisticated.

It’s worth noting as well that opting for an all-concrete design for a bathroom makes cleaning and future redecorating a breeze.

6. Hodgepodge
If you want your bathroom to be a real style hub, get playful with the patterns and textures in it. Consider combining floral wallpaper and checked tiles. Likewise, opt for different kinds of materials. Veer away from too much uniformity.

For instance, do not be afraid to use copper sink basins, matte black plumbing fixtures (taps, bidet sprays, showerheads, and even pipes), and a stainless steel counter. The same goes for using both old-fashioned crystal chandeliers and sleek, minimalistic drop lights.

Get creative with the materials, but make sure to carefully study how everything will come together to create a cohesive style despite their differences.

These are just some of the ideas to consider for a bathroom remodelling project. The main idea to remember here is that there’s no shortage of design possibilities to turn a master bathroom into an optimally comfortable, luxurious and functional space. With the help of a talented interior designer and plumbing specialists, nothing should stop you from creating the bathroom of your dreams.

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