Watching my munchkin sleep in her crib, there is only one thing that boggles my mind – how on earth is she so perfect?

I clearly remember when I held her for the first time. Struck dumb by the moment, I knew my life had changed FOREVER!

I suppose it sounds relatable to all parents out there.

Life with a baby is worlds away from the kid-free life. Where your only desire was how to get your bosses rooting for you, your ultimate concern now is how to normalize your bub’s bowel movements.

Cherish the treasures

Here, I am not going to teach you the budgeting tips for the future of your child. For me, there are certain intangible things far more precious than the money. It’s the memories you make with your little ones. Every minute you spend with them is precious, and wonders of this new chapter will never cease.

Tomorrow, they are going to be older than what they are today. My advice – cherish these moments!

How to keep them busy?

You always need something to tone down the emotional frenzy in your chattering, teetering ball of energy. Some people glue their kids to screen while others look for constructive play to keep them hooked for hours.

Contrary to popular opinion, I don’t believe that buying gifts for your child will make them greedy. You can opt for occasions like holiday, birthday, or Christmas to gift them cool items on their wishlist.

In case you are stuck, and your tiny tot doesn’t have a list yet, scan the following ideas. We hope you’ll spot something your child will adore!

  1. A Monthly Book Subscription

The thrill of a surprise arriving in your mail is exciting for kids and adults both. Why not nurture this excitement with something fun and educational?

A monthly book subscription is an excellent way to encourage your child’s love for reading. Every month, they’ll anticipate for the new parcel arriving at the doorstep and plunge into the reading instantly.

Choose the age-appropriate category for your particular kid – picture books, chapter books, or board books. Also, you will find a broad spectrum of providers in this regime.

Go for the ones popular for their quality and customer service.

  1. A Big Bag of Giant Blocks

Toddlers love to build towers and knock them off over and over again. As they grow up, they try out new things to design, like a dinosaur or a house.

Building blocks have been there for ages. Our grandparents knew them as Erector Sets. For us, they were Tinker Toys and kids these days, know them as Legos. Those colorful giant blocks spilling out of the bag are a joyful sight for toddlers. If your child is two years or below, you can purchase the mega blocks made of lightweight plastic.

Most companies launch them in zippered bags, which make carrying and packing pretty simple for kids too. (Beware: you might stumble upon one randomly lying on the floor!)

  1. Ball Pit

Bouncy balls and bright colors are two of the children most favorite items. There is a reason why your kid never wants to leave the play place at McDonald’s!

It is a hotspot for fun. But also a cesspool of germs. How about creating a less germy version of your own? Find pop-up ball pits in the market. They are an incredible way to grow your kids mentally and physically.  Ball pits also help the child to construct a sense of depth and perception. It helps them to explore body equilibrium that is essential for their physical development.

Most products in this line are foldable, making it easy for families to carry around. Check out more physical activities with playful songs here.

  1. Art Clay and Dough

Toddlers love the messy and vibrant play of clay. Rather than having them throwing off things in the kitchen, let them have the dirty party out in the lounge.

Play Dough is a remarkable way of enhancing the motor skills of the child. They can use their hands to make new shapes or use molds provided along. You can also purchase extra molds to increase their formations.

If you are a neat freak (like me), you can purchase playdough mats along. They keep your floors from getting all sticky and colored.

  1. Finger Puppets

Kids love these little puppets that will stick to their fingers. They will flaunt them around during pretend-play with their friends and siblings. There is a wide range of puppets you can select, like, Fingerlings Glitter Monkey and Wowee Pinkfong Baby Shark Fingerlings. The interactive items in this range are sensitive to motion, touch, and sound. They will blink eyes, moving heads, and make noises.

It is almost like they have their pets on their hands!

  1. Mini Grocery Baskets

Your child has been with you doing groceries plenty of times, so he/she knows what it is! Believe me; they always want to pull those trollies on their own. As soon as they unbox the mini grocery basket, they will be moving it around the next moment.

Navigate the market to find a basket that’s right according to the height of your child. There are adjustable handles to make carrying around easier for kids of all varying sizes.

Perk it up: Given it’s going to be a gift, make sure the kid feels special when he/she unboxes it. Wrap it in a sparkly paper. Also, a balloon in a box is a unique gift you can add on the sideways. The squeak they make as the balloon pops out of the box is so sweet!

Parting Thoughts

The gift list for kids can go on and on. Plus, the gifts for children also vary according to age and their mental/physical requirements. If you feel your child lacks motor skills, go for play dough set. And if you feel your child needs to work on his/her reading, sign up to a monthly book subscription.

In the end, it is dire you participate along when your tiny tots are playing around. The bliss they have on their faces when one of their parents is their play buddy is beyond words!

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