6 features you need to put while building dating app

Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps (https://www.mobulous.com/mobile-app-development)  all around the whole world, and its popularity is overgrowing day by day. The app was launched in September 2012 by Sean Rad, Jonathan Badeen, Joe Munoz, Whitney Wolfe, and Chris Gylczynski. It is available in 30 different languages and estimated to have 50 million users.

It allows users to find someone with who you can chat according to your preference. It is so simple to use. You need to create a profile, add what you are looking for a perfect partner and wait for the match to happen and trust me, it’s pretty exciting to finally to matched up to someone.

Let’s know some interesting facts about this app

  • The ratio of men is higher than women in this app, but interestingly women spend 8.5 min while men spend only 7.2 min.
  • In July 2015, Tinder also created verified accounts for celebrities.
  • The app is used mostly in the country us.
  • According to research by Globakweblndex, 42% of tinder users are already in a relationship.
  • The average person logs into this app is 11 times in a day.

Here, let’s have a look at some essential features that you can’t miss out in this app:

1. Live video chatting

Live video chatting is an important feature that helps the online daters to know about their chemistry before they meet each other. Though I have to accept the fact that live chatting is not as informative as meeting in real.

But, this feature at least allows you to see the person before you meet him/her and also it’s the best way to have clarity on your mind about the person who you are talking to.

2. Blocking

What if you have added some wrong person in your dating app? And what if you don’t want to get a text to interact with some particular person and that person continually tries to send you messages? In that case, you want to block that person as fast as possible. So, blocking feature is a basic need to your app.

3. User profile

User profile plays a crucial role in dating apps as dating works on your profile. Every user wants to create an attractive profile. Hence, your app must be kind enough to help you create a good profile. There must be a feature to create unlimited custom profile field of any typed text and radio checkboxes.

4. Adding social media

No users want to go through the long, tedious process of registering into the app and creating a profile. Users want to save their time and have a secure signing into the dating apps. Since most people have a facebook or an Instagram account so, you must create an app that allows users to sign-in through their facebook or Instagram accounts.

5. Calendar integration of

The calendar integration feature helps you to remember all the important dates. With this feature, you can quickly know who you are chatting with, who you have right or left swiped in your past and many more details with the accurate date and time.

6. Push notification

Push notification is an important feature that notified users about every activity. If a user gets a new match or a text from someone, they must get notified by the app. this feature, also helps to increase app engagement and improve user experience.

Are you amused thinking about what to do?

As we all know that dating apps are catching everyone’s eyes and its booming the dating industry due to its offering exciting ways to finding their love partners. So, my dearest entrepreneurs, it’s high time to take the decision and benefits yourself from dating industry by developing their own app like Tinder. Create your own new unique ideas and share it with any Top Mobile Development Company.

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