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6 Essentials You Must Carry If Flying with Kids - Likeitgirl

6 Essentials You Must Carry If Flying with Kids

With summer just around the corner, it’s not going to be long before you’re faced with the trauma of taking the kids on a vacation. If you’re planning somewhere a little more distant than usual flying with them may be filling you with dread. How many flights did you take before the kids came along, where there was a disgruntled toddler screaming for the whole of the journey? It can’t be easy for them to sit in one place for hours on end, with nothing to do. If you’re flying with kids, the number of item you may need to bring with you such as wipes, plastic bags, drink bottle, healthy snacks, face masks, hand sanitiser, books, toys and games. So, if you don’t want to be the parent all the other passengers are tutting and sighing about, try the following ways of keeping them entertained.

Don’t Rely on an Electronic Device

The temptation to sit them down with an electronic device and play games and videos during the flight is a big one. However, relying on this type of entertainment could mean you get caught out. Several European airlines are now restricting electronic devices over a certain size.

Make Sure They are Comfortable

If you can get them super comfortable, they may drop off and sleep the whole of the journey. Dressing them in pajamas is an option, or at the very least soft and loose-fitting clothes. Nickis is an online store with a large range of designer gear for young jet-setters. If you’ve got room in your hand-luggage, a light blanket can be used for them to snuggle under.

Choose a Window Seat

If you’re able to book a specific seat, choose one for your child that is next to the window. They’ll be able to enjoy the takeoff and landing and their imagination will run away with a little help from mom and dad. It’s not an option for all little darlings. Some have an understandable fear of flying and watching everything out of the window may not be the best idea.

Coloring and Stickers Books

They don’t take up much space and can provide hours of fun, in the right hands. Stickers can be very entertaining, especially for boys. Have they got a favorite character at the moment? Find a book they can relate to.

Something to Read

Depending on their age, it could be one they can read themselves or one for you to read to them. However, make sure you get them a book they are interested in; take them shopping to a bookshop beforehand.

Keep Them Fed and Watered

Airlines are not known for serving up the best in tasty snacks and beverages. It can also work out very expensive if you’ve got a couple of children that want something to eat. One tip is to stock up in the airport lounge shop on all their favorites. There are plenty of snacks you can make at home, if you want to save money. It can also help with the dreaded ear pressure if you encourage them to eat or drink something when taking off and landing.


If your kids are small then don’t forget to carry a stroller or pram. It will be very helpful to carry both your baby and your luggage. The kid will also feel free and enjoy the strollers ride at the airport. So always find a good quality stroller from your local shop or visit cairns baby shops online.

A Pack of Cards

Another idea that’s not going to take up a huge amount of room. They might not be up to playing rummy or solitaire, but simple games such as snap, pairs and go fish are easy for youngsters to play.

Flying with your kids doesn’t have to be a drama. With the right amount of planning and preparation, they’ll breeze through the journey, and you’ll be proud to sit next to them.

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