6 Easily-Applicable Tips You Can Learn From a Cleaning Company

If you are trying hard to turn your living space into a fresh nest but it seems like something is still missing, maybe you should apply tips of a cleaning company Chevy Chase MD. Whether you are a perfectionist or someone who would use professional cleaning advice, make sure to check out these 6 easily-applicable steps.

1. Treat Your Bedding and Towels with Special Care

Wash your sheets, pillowcases, and towels weekly. This will help you prevent dust mites, bacteria, and pathogens from causing you allergies. Towels seem to be a breeding place for microbes. Just a couple of uses are enough for these crawlers to start spreading. Act as if your bedroom is a well-run hotel and replace beddings and towels frequently.

2. Sanitize All Electronics

Electronics and remote controls are some of the sneakiest places for germs. You should sanitize buttons, appliance dials, and light switches at least once a week. Depending on the number of people living in your household, all of you will touch some of the controls hundreds of times.

Maids make sure these instruments are sanitized and safe for you. Follow their lead! Just make sure to unplug appliances and remove batteries beforehand.

3. Ventilate the Premises

Maids are well-aware of indoor air pollution. That is why they air all of the premises for at least 5 minutes. Open the windows while cleaning the dust and applying chemicals. This will allow your premises to breathe, as the airflow will help with reducing the presence of chemicals in your space. As a cherry to the top, the natural light will give you better visibility of the surfaces you should clean.

4. Stay Away From Feather Dusters

Feather dusters only spread the dust more evenly. Avoid these items at all costs and use old T-shirts or anything else made of cotton. An alternative to cotton is microfiber. You can’t go wrong with a microfiber sheet when dust-cleaning.

5. Prioritize Tricky Spots

Details are crucial when cleaning your living space. Some of the hardest-to-clean areas in your home are screws at the bottom of your toilet, racks, etc. Recognize those tricky areas ahead of time, whatever they be, and include them to your priority regimen.

6. Allow Your Cleaning Products to Do Their Thing

Tedious tasks sometimes cause too much pressure we try to complete them in the shortest time possible. Yet, if you want to get the most out of your money, slow down a bit. Apply the products and let them sink it.

Allowing your cleaning products to achieve their highest efficiency by letting them sit for a couple of minutes. It takes no more than 2 to 3 minutes and your patience will pay off – big time. You will be able to tackle all the stubborn stains effortlessly.
Let’s get real – all of these 6 tips are no-brainers. Yet, somehow, we tend to prioritize bigger tasks instead of paying attention to details. That’s what you can learn from a Maid Cleaning Service Kensington MD if you want to make your living space fresher than ever.

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