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6 Debunked Myths About Subaru You Should Stop Believing In - Likeitgirl

6 Debunked Myths About Subaru You Should Stop Believing In

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about different cars. The main thing is that most of them are created by people that never owned a car. That’s why it is better to neglect such advisers and rely on your own (or close friend’s) experience. In this article, we gathered six debunked myths about Subaru you should stop believing in. 

1. Subaru is only for street racers

Despite the fact that the spirit of sports cars is still present in all models of the brand, Subaru never set itself the task of making cars for racers. However, Subaru with a turbo engine is sometimes bought by race lovers, but we are talking about all Subaru cars. Street racers pay attention only to Foresters with turbo engines, WRX and WRX STI. Forester, Subaru XV, Outback, and Legacy sedan are primarily focused on families.

2. Subaru is purely male cars

Indeed, cars with a strong character are preferred mainly by men but who will forbid a woman to ride such a car, especially in the 21st century? For example, in the US, 80 percent of Subaru Outback buyers are women. When it comes to global sales statistics, Subaru has approximately 35-40 percent of female customers.

Subaru provides confidence in difficult conditions (like winter), visibility, and safety. The EyeSight driver assistance system which prevents collisions was in particular demand. Moreover, in the first three years after its appearance, the accident rate of Subaru in Japan fell by 61 percent. That’s why you should take into account Subaru lease deals.

3. Subaru is a stiff car

Compared to other cars, Subaru’s suspension has always been stiff moderately. If you compare, for example, the Forester with some European, Korean, or Japanese crossover you will feel that Subaru is softer and more comfortable. In addition, Subaru’s suspension is quite energy-intensive, allowing you to drive pretty fast even on dirt roads.

4. Subaru is expensive to maintain

This myth appeared due to the fact that not every person can buy a new expensive car. They take what is cheaper, trying to save on spare parts and maintenance. They are also fond of risky tuning that destroys cars.

New Subaru cars are high-tech vehicles requiring skilled mechanics, special equipment, and original parts. However, the cost of the standard Subaru is comparable to other Japanese brands. In addition, the company constantly conducts promotions that reduce the cost of service. Moreover, the reliability of the cars is quite high and the warehouses of dealers mostly contain consumables for maintenance and no spare parts. Breakdown statistics show that they are irregular because there are no weak points in the design of modern Subaru. In most cases, costly malfunctions are a consequence of the human factor. 

5. Used Subaru are falling apart

Cars from bad owners who don’t maintain their vehicles and use them too hard will more likely to brake (even if they are created by the best engineers). Subaru is surprisingly tenacious compared to other cars and occupies the top lines in reliability ratings. When buying Subaru on the secondary market, you only need to diagnose it thoroughly, make sure that the car was not crashed, and all repairs were performed at an authorized service center. 

6. Subaru engines eat oil

This myth appeared more than ten years ago and its echoes can be heard even today. You should know that the consumption of engine oil during the performance is typical for internal combustion engines of all manufacturers.

According to the operating instructions, consumption of up to a quarter gallon of oil between replacements can be considered normal. However, the drivers who take care of their cars don’t neglect timely and proper maintenance and have even less consumption of oil. Moreover, most Subaru owners with modern engines (FB) don’t add oil between regular car maintenance.

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