6 Coolest Ways to Beat The Heat This Summer

Summers have arrived earlier this year, and it is set to be another tough period for everyone. Read on to make sure you take a few extra measures to deal with the relentless heat this time.

With the climate change showing its harsh effects, the heat is set to soar across the country this summer. It is impossible to combat the heat with the normal steps you used to take in the summers. You need to make a genuine effort to keep away the heat in order to stay healthy this summer.

This means that you cannot just rely on using an air conditioner, but you have to think outside the box to beat the heat.

So, read on to learn about certain cool ways to keep the heat at bay.

Drink More Water

In summer, you are obviously sweating profusely. This means that your body needs more hydration to stay healthy and to keep all the systems running properly. It is best understood when you compare your body to an air cooler. The cooling system is triggered by hot weather. This leads to sweating. This sweat acts as the cooling agent. Remember that you need to refill your coolant once in a while. Thus, make sure you drink more water than normal in the summer.

Sleep On A Wet Or Cold Sheet

Sleeping becomes extremely difficult with the heat at its peak. This also affects your energy to work every day. Many people are known to sleep on wet bed sheets. This keeps away the exhausting heat and allows you to sleep peacefully.

Furthermore, you can add a cooling effect to your bed sheets very easily. A few hours before you sleep, pack your bed sheets in a plastic bag and keep them inside the refrigerator. Take them out when you are ready to sleep. This may not assure you cool beds all night, but it will help you catch a good sleep for a few hours.

Keep Sweat Away

Many people are affected by excessive sweating in the summer. This is caused by the presence of humidity. There are ways to reduce this problem. You can apply antiperspirant at night so that it works more efficiently. This is because sweat glands are more active during the day.

Furthermore, a great way to ensure low sweat is to choose cotton clothes during the summer. This will allow the body to circulate the air and keeps the sweat at bay. It is advisable to choose breathable clothes during the summer to ensure minimized heat retention during the day.

Avoid Eating Hot Foods

One of the more obvious ways to keep away the heat is to avoid certain food items that heat up the body. Certain food items require the body to spend more energy which makes it heat up. It is best to avoid heating up the body as there is already more than enough heat in the atmosphere around you.

Root vegetables like carrot, potato, and beetroot are heat-inducing items. Moreover, foods like onion and garlic also need the body to produce more heat. Furthermore, all hot beverages contribute to an increase in body temperature. Reduce the use of these items as much as you can and you can deal with the heat better.

Summertime Adjustments

In summers, the air in the atmosphere is generally hot. As the air gets heated, it keeps rising. Therefore, as you move further up the ground, the heat increases. Therefore, it is advisable to stay as close to the ground as possible when you sleep at night. If you usually sleep on the bed, you can try sleeping on the floor.

Another thing you can do during summers is to ensure you take as many showers as possible. Showering brings down the temperature and makes you feel refreshed. If you shower before you sleep, you will be able to sleep peacefully.

Keep Away The Hot Air

Normal fans just blow the hot air around and it just gives you the feeling that it is cool. Think outside the box and you can easily make an air conditioner from a fan. For this, you need to use a shallow bowl of water and then place the fan in front of it. You can add a few ice cubes to the bowl if you want. The air gets cooled by the cool water and reaches you at a much lower temperature. This will make you feel much cooler than normal.


Overall, summers are very demanding times for the body. Therefore it is essential to take excellent care to ensure you do not fall out of health. Using an air conditioner is, of course, the easiest way out, but you can also try out a few of these techniques to cope smartly with the sweltering summer.

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