Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder is a slogan that is greatly used when you see a friend so concerned in maintaining a beautiful skin. Every lady always wants to look gorgeous and the most beautiful hence you find that 90% of the women are always conscious of their looks. Beauty does not only lie in the makeup you apply but also on the level of hygiene you maintain. You are never advised to sleep with makeup since it will make your skin look totally bad. Cleanse all makeup before you sleep to allow your skin have enough time to open up, increase the speed of blood circulation and create new cells.

The following are the 6 beauty tips to be followed before going to bed.

1. Brush teeth before you sleep

Teeth are an additional beauty long as you keep them clean always. Take care of your teeth to prevent rotting and removal. A complete cavity makes you look more beautiful. Cleaning your teeth before bed, helps to prevent bad adore when you wake up and also reduce germs spreading and damaging the skin. Use a soft tooth brush and tooth paste, and then brush your teeth for about 2 minutes covering the inner and outer part of your cavity. Rinse the entire mouth using warm water that will leave your mouth with a fresh smell.

2. Use eye cream

The eye cream is applied before going to bed since it helps reduce any sign of aging around the eyes. Clean all eye makeup completely before applying the cream and rinse properly. This cream acts as a moisturizer and hydrates the skin and de-puffs the skin. This helps you always look beautiful with no aging signs around your eyes or in the eyelids.

3. Apply hand cream

Your hands need to look beautiful too. Hence, you need to clean them thoroughly using warm water and mild soap. Use a clean towel or part your hands to dry before you apply the hand cream of your choice. This cream acts as a moisturizer and keeps your hand soft with an even skin tone. The hand cream helps to keep the skin on the hands soft and free from dryness and cracks. It keeps your cuticles in good shape and prevents your hand from early aging. Keep your nails short if you cannot maintain long nails. In case you want long nails to visit a beautician who will help you beautiful long nails at a cost.

4. Clean your face to remove makeup

This is the best way to keep you skin beautiful young and ageless. Use warm water and detergent or make up remover that will help get rid of lipstick. You need to make sure that before you plump up your lips, there is no trace on earlier makeup. Despite your busy schedule during the day make sure that you clean your face before you sleep. Use warm water and a detergent that will help remove all sorts of makeups such as mascara, lipstick, eyeshadow, and highlighter.

5. Apply petroleum jelly on your feet

This petroleum jelly helps to keep your foot soft, even skin tone and well-shaped cuticles. Your feet are also any additional beauty. Hence, you should always clean them with warm water and apply the jelly that will help prevent crack heels.

6. Use toner

Make sure that before you sleep, you make use of your toner to moisturize your skin. This is a great way to help remove fine lines under eyes and restore your skin’s natural pH levels. It helps the skin to be resistant to bacteria and microorganisms. In case your skin is sensitive to chemical toners use rose water that is a natural product that has hydrating and energizing properties. Apply on your face, neck and ears.


The above tips will always make your skin look gorgeous and brighter every day. Follow them on a daily basis and you will not regret how beautiful you will always look. There will be no room for dull skin, wrinkles, acne, black and white heads, scaly skin and sunburns. Use clean, warm water and facial detergents that help to you clear off makeup completely and rinse using warm water. Ensure that your entire body is fresh to inhibit a good and sound sleep. Beauty does not entail only the facial looks. Hence, you have to take care of your hair, hands, legs, nails teeth among many other body parts.




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