6 Beautiful Escapes Not to Miss in Goa

Goa is one of the best places highly recommended to visit in India. It is nicknamed as the “The Las Vegas in India”. It is a destination of choice for a family vacation or a holiday with a group of friends or couples.  There are lots of adventure activities that you can enjoy in Goa.

From beaches to historical and religious monuments, you will not be bored in Goa.  Find here about 6 Beautiful escapes which you should not miss in Goa.

1. The Beach of Benaulim

The beaches of Goa are among the most beautiful in the world. If North Goa is crowded then South Goa holds all the promises. One of the most recommended beaches is Benaulim. The long stretch of white sand, the surf and sparkle of the sea, as well as the few restaurants and barracks make it an ideal place to spend the day away from the hustle and bustle of the streets. But do not forget the sunscreen!

Benaulim Beach

2. The old Goa

Goa has other treasures than its beaches. Goa is rich in history and culture like all other Indian states. In Old Goa you can see the UNESCO-protected Basilica of Bom Jesus which houses the relics of St. Francis Xavier. It’s a welcome stop, even for non-believers.

Basilica of Bom Jesus

3. Zeebop Restaurant

Goa is known for its exquisite cuisine and the Zeebop’s menu lives up to the highest expectations for seafood. The place is also a must because of its location, right on the beach. Besides the beautiful views of the Ocean you can go for the great atmosphere and the musicians who play the serenade. Make sure you go early to avoid the dinner rush hour as this restaurant is often full.

Zeebop Restaurant

4. The Mapusa Market

To feel like a seasoned traveler, do not miss the markets of Goa. You will be surprised what you will find there and it is a good way to get to know the city and its inhabitants better. Indian markets are always colorful, noisy and energetic and the Mapusa market is no exception. Besides fruits and vegetables, you can discover hidden treasures that you can bring home. Deploy all your negotiating skills when haggling.

Mapusa Market Goa

5. Baga Beach

For a most complete quiet getaway, Baga Beach is the dream comes true for any adventurous traveler. It is located on the southern tip of Goa, away from commercial and busy areas. To get there, you will pass through mountainous areas and lush rice fields. Behind the beach is a freshwater estuary that meets the ocean at the end of it. So, whether you prefer fishing, swimming in the ocean or simply relaxing on the sand, this beach has it all!

Baga Beach

I hope that this travel guide will encourage you to visit India on day and this beautiful state. The best time to go Goa is between October and February. Goa can be easily access by Road, By Train and By Air. If you are looking for luxurious trip then visit this city with Deccan Odyssey Luxury Train.

6. Homestays

You can find a number of best places for homestays in India and Goa is one of them. Whether Goa has a number of luxurious resorts, hotels, guesthouses but homestays will be the wonderful experience. It offers you to spend the quality time with the local family of Goa and learn their culture with them.

Homestays in Goa

Tips: Avoid the peak of the tourist season in December. At this time of year, everything is much more expensive and crowded.

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