6 Active Holiday Ideas to Try When Down Under

Some countries are just made for vacations. Okay, not only for vacations, but some of them have so much to offer to their visitors, it’s hard to think of them as not dedicated to visitors exclusively! Take Australia for example. Whatever you want from a vacation, whether you long for beautiful beaches, bustling urban life, fine dining, or an adventure – it’s all easy to find in Australia. If you’re a thrill seeker, here’s what you can do in this beautiful country to get the adrenaline going.


Starting off with some lighter activities, such as camping. It really is something in Australia in the wild, especially for those visitors from the Northern Hemisphere, who will enjoy the new night sky they haven’t seen before. While the whole country offers many camping spots, one of the more interesting ones is on Cockatoo Island, where convicts used to be held. There’s a lot of history to be experienced there, including the remains of the convict cells and machinery for building ships, as the place was used for this purpose in World War II. And you can also enjoy the views of the Sydney Harbour and the Harbour Bridge.


Now, who wouldn’t want to jump out of a plane?! If this sounds scary, you still might want to give it a try, as it’s the perfect way to beat your fear of heights. This unbelievable experience is bound to be one of the best in your life – according to those who did it. It’s perfectly safe and you just need to choose the height you’re doing it from! Again, those who did it advise taking the highest one possible, because it will last the longest, and you can enjoy the gorgeous views. You’ll also be provided with a footage of your fall so you can relive the experience any time you want – and make your friends jealous.

Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef

When we say snorkel and talk about Australia, we most certainly mean doing it at the Great Barrier Reef. Nothing can beat this colorful, picturesque coral reef. It can be seen from a helicopter and it’s beautiful – but only after you get up close will you understand just how much. You’ll also be able to say hello to a zillion tropical fish who will swim with you and be friendliest ever. Of course, to experience this firsthand, you will need reliable diving equipment, so don’t forget about that aspect! You can also have a guided reef walk, or opt for snorkeling with turtles, diving with manta rays, or some of the other activities offered on the spot.


Talking about adventure in Australia cannot be done without mentioning surfing. Even if you’re a complete beginner, it’s possible for you to take the baby steps in this awesome sport and have the time of your life. When staying on the coast, look for surfing camps. You’ll get to experience the true lifestyle of a surfer, meaning – surf, eat, sleep, repeat. Surfing is quite tiring, as all water activities are, but be sure you’ll enjoy every second of it – even falling off your board. Apart from the actual practice, you will learn surf etiquette, different types of surfboards and different types of surf conditions, all crucial in your future life as a surfer. If you want to combine your surfing holiday with some city life, opt for Sydney and enjoy the famous Bondi Beach.

Swimming with Dolphins

Obviously, there is an abundance of water activities in Australia – and they’re all equally attractive! If you’ve loved Flipper as a kid, maybe swimming with these cute mammals will make your heart beat faster. You’ll be able to see dolphins from up close, watching them jump in the waves, and communicate with each other. It can truly be an exceptional experience, especially because dolphins are known to be friendly, and they like the company of humans.

Experience Australia on a Bike

Australia has some amazing cycle trails, and if you like exploring new locations by bike, this would be a shame to miss! You can opt for either urban experience in one of the big cities or a 200-kilometer trail out in nature. Whatever it is, seeing your surroundings on two wheels, and being able to stop whenever you want to, is a unique active holiday experience. Just doing it in a faster way than on foot will give you so much freedom to see whatever you like, in a way you like it.

Australia is an amazing place for adventure lovers, and it truly offers something for everyone. All you need to do is choose what your cup of tea is!

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