5 Workouts for Losing Weight Fast and Easy

Hitting the gym was always a tedious task for me. Although I was equally worried about how easily and quickly I can lose weight, getting up and stepping into a gym near me almost felt next to impossible. However, one fine day, I decided not to be lazy anymore, and I joined a gym and started shedding some kilos. 

Do you also feel lazy to work out but dream of achieving the perfect shape? Well, I have something for you. I have listed below five workouts that you can try at home or also at a gymnasium. The workout will also help you lose weight fast and easy.

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Five workouts that will help you lose weight quickly. 


  • Bodyweight circuits


I like doing the bodyweight exercises, including push-ups, squats, burpees, chin-ups, etc. in a gym near me. You can begin the circuit by choosing two or three of these exercises for your upper and lower body, respectively. Place those workouts alternatively in the rotation. If you alternate between exercises for the upper body and the lower body throughout the circuit, it will help in increasing the calorie-burning intensity. 

You can include the workouts mentioned below:

  • Inverted Rows
  • Burpees
  • Push-Ups
  • Wide Outs
  • Planks (Try to hold this position for 30-60 secs)

It would help if you performed ten reps of each exercise back to back without resting. You can relax once you have completed every activity in the circuit, back to back. Repeat it for 3-5 times.


  • Countdowns


To lose weight quickly in a gym near me, I took up the countdowns. You will have to perform two exercises, such as wideouts and push-ups, one after the other in this workout regime. You have to do these workouts for a predetermined number of sets. The countdown works by reducing the number of repetitions for every exercise by one rep. It is over when you reach 0 reps.


  • Farmer’s Walk


One of the best exercises that I perform in a gym near me is a farmer’s walk. All you have to do in this workout is to choose something heavy and pick it up, like a kettlebell, or a dumbell and start walking. Continue the workout for 15 minutes with a weight in each hand. It will help burn your body fat. However, you can start with 3-5 minutes walks in every workout and aim at reaching 15 minutes. Increase your weights once you can walk for a more extended period. 


  • Kettlebell Swings


This particular exercise impacts your whole body. It helps in melting the body fat fast because single swings train every muscle, particularly in your shoulders, back and legs. According to your capability, choose a weight using which you can perform 2 to 3 sets of total 12 swings effortlessly. Aim at doing 100 swings within 10 minutes.


  • Running


This exercise is an excellent one to burn belly fat. I like running in the gym near me because it does well with the other workouts. You can begin with 20-30 minutes of running for a period of 3-4 times a week. The treadmill helps me with it. 


All the exercises mentioned above are equally practical, which is why performing them will help you shed some extra kilos fast and without any hassles. Though I was too lazy to hit the gym, once I got in there and started working out, I felt rejuvenated and healthier. It only took me to be determined to achieve the body type, and weight I always wanted. Try it for yourself and see the changes from the second week itself. I hope the above exercises will help to bring the kick in you to hit the gym.

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