5 Weird Facial Treatments You Won’t Find At Your Local Clinic


Women are the ones who suffer most in the name of beauty, but some treatments for skin care are unthinkable to many. Certain individuals, especially celebrities even push the boundaries in search of eternal youth. The strangest beauty treatments in the world include hazardous ingredients and techniques, which are very likely to have a positive effect, but still look rather strange.

1. ‘Vampire’ facial

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This treatment was first popularized by Kim Kardashian, and many women became big fans of it. The procedure should not be painful, because anesthetic is used on the face.

‘Vampire’ facial treatment is particularly popular because it uses patient’s own blood rather than silicone or acid. The doctor, after examination, takes blood from a vein, which is then enriched with platelets and special apparatus. The blood is then injected into the skin, and doctors ensure that this has results as well as surgical treatment of the face.

For best effects, after the first treatment, patients should have another one after a month and another one after six months.

2. Rejuvenation treatments with leeches


Leeches have been used for health and beauty for a long time, but they are still a rather nasty. Although they were used for medical reasons more, in recent times, rejuvenating facial treatment with these little bloodsuckers is becoming increasingly popular. Experts say that while drinking blood, leeches inject various compounds into the skin that have a beneficial effect on skin’s elasticity, help to build new collagen and skin apparently seems lifted after only three treatments.

Leeches also have a slightly anesthetic effect, so the treatment should not be that painful. Just a little unpleasant, if you do not like several bloodsuckers hanging from your face.

3. Snake venom for better skin


Various toxins have also been used for regeneration for a long time, and among the most popular are the bee and snake venom. This way you can supposedly get rid of wrinkles most efficiently. Do not worry, nobody will put a snake on your face, doctors already use products that contain peptides extracted from snake venom.

The poison paralyzes the muscles, and therefore has a beneficial effect on the wrinkles, just like botox. For best results, it is necessary to do 3-4 treatments in a professional facial rejuvenation clinic.

4. Rejuvenation with gold

naTrend of gold facials began several years ago, and has no plans of stopping any time soon. We are talking about products that contain 24-karat gold that perform excellent peeling and remove the top layer of the skin. Face should look rejuvenated and refreshed after the treatment, and judging by the large number of the interested women, it appears to be working.

Besides a good scrub, in some salons you can also get other products, and if you have that much money, you can also buy a cream with gold that should rejuvenate you.

The treatment does not last long, it is not painful and gives good results, and therefore women often choose this treatment rather than any other.

5. Beauty’s little helpers – snails


While crawling all over your face, snails successfully remove dead skin cells and clean pores. Their mucus is, in fact, rich in minerals and vitamins and nearly ideal for restoring moisture in epidermis. Doctors cover your face with snails and let them crawl freely, all in the name of beauty. Treatment, therefore, includes free walking snails on patient’s face, and then electrostimulation of the skin, in order for the ‘serum’ to sink deeper into the pores.

All women like to look pretty, polished and feel good about themselves. For such a feeling, beauty treatments are the most deserving. Various massages, laser treatments, chemical peelings, injection of toxic chemicals, and even cosmetic surgery, enable women to feel gorgeous. It is therefore, not that strange that facial treatments became a bit more ‘interesting’ in the recent years.

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