Weddings are hopefully a one-time thing, which is reason enough to make them luxurious, special, and go all out. Planning a wedding is a matter of personal choice, wishes, and preferences. However, there are some universal ways you can make it spectacular and wow the guests at the reception. And what’s best, some of these suggestions are budget-friendly.

Find a spectacular venue

An amazing venue does not have to be expensive, and it doesn’t have to be on a cliff in a tropical island, although that can be one of the options. The important thing here is to be creative and let your imagination run wild. Many old libraries offer the service of renting, so if your reception is going to be for a small number of people, this can be an option. Doing it on a farm, in a park, botanical garden, or even by the pool are some of the good ideas because you can be super creative with decoration and theme and provide your guests with a unique wedding party.

Wedding car

One of the things that are certainly going to leave a big impression is a car you drive in. Most couples see it as a unique opportunity to use old-timers, bikes, carriages even. You can go with that, sure, or a more modern solution and check out some of the Rolls Royce wedding cars for hire. You will be guaranteed an elegant, and fairytale romantic entrance to perfectly round up your whole wedding day. Besides, you will be safe, and won’t have to think about weather conditions. If you put subtle decoration, you can make it even more beautiful.

Breath-taking decoration

As one of the first things your guests will see when they show up to the reception, the decoration is one easy way to impress them. Hanging low chandeliers, placing rich flower centerpieces with candles, and silky chair bows are just some of the ways. You can design a big, floral arch and have your ceremony underneath. And what is great is that it will be a perfect place to take the photos with your guests as well. If you are having an outdoor wedding, use as much of the surroundings as you can. Include the beautiful autumn trees and leaves, little ponds, lakes and pools, and natural flowers. Other ideas you can use are fireworks, rose petals or confetti shooting from canons, and even (although some may think it is a cliché) release white doves.

Delicious food and drinks

Of course, the decor of the plates and food is an important touch, but more than that, the menu itself should amaze your guests as well. Some of the delicious appetizers can be figs with prosciutto, seafood salads, and even plates of cheese. The main course can include salmon, lamb chops, and seasonal vegetables and potatoes that even your vegetarian friends can eat. You can be even more creative with dessert, and have a colorful cupcake and muffin station, and even a fruit table. Amaze your guests with a good selection of wines, or maybe even cocktails, which everybody loves.

Thoughtful gift bags

There is no way that your guests won’t be blown away by gift bags, and lucky for you, there are many creative and fun ideas you can try. If you want to be a bit silly, you can create a hangover kit and throw in some vitamins, wet wipes, and band-aids. For the people who are coming into town for your wedding, make a bag of local delicacies and add a map so they can get around easily. If you are a romantic soul, you can make personalized gifts such as poems or quotes and cookies, frames, or mini scrapbooks. Match it to the theme of your wedding, whether it is boho, elegant, or rustic, and rest assured your guests will love it.

The easiest way to wow your guests is to be creative and come up with unique ideas that represent you. And if you need safe options that are guaranteed to impress, turn to this guide as help and inspiration.

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