Passion and desire are some of the most important aspects of a partnership, as they are the factors that differentiate a romantic from a platonic relationship. However, after you’ve passed the ‘puppy love’ stage of your relationship, maintaining that excitement can seem nearly impossible for many couples. If you feel unsatisfied with your intimate life, here are some efficient ways you can rekindle the passion in any long-term relationship, whether you’ve been together for a couple of years or several decades:

1. Go back to the beginning of your relationship

Even though you can’t expect the butterflies in your stomach to flutter forever, what you can do is revisit those places where the feeling first started. As the beginning of every romantic relationship is characterized by strong feelings of infatuation and desire, returning to those places where you first met, had your first date or even got engaged can help rekindle some of that lost spark.

Going to any place where you made warm and happy memories as a couple can help to remind you that you are still those same people you fell in love with back in the day. Sometimes all we actually need is a small nudge to help reignite the fire.

2. Put an emphasis on physical affection


From an encouraging hand on their shoulder to a soft and gentle caress of the cheek, touch is a language all of us understand, but might sometimes neglect when we’ve been in a relationship for a while. If you want to establish a deeper connection with your loved one, start with small gestures of affection, such as holding hands, giving each other good morning kisses or snuggling up in bed each night.

Then, slowly move on to more intimate forms of physical affection. Give each other sensual massages to set the mood, lie nude in each other’s arms without going further or opt for extended make out sessions just like you did at the beginning of your relationship.

3. Dare to experiment in the bedroom

When it comes to long-term relationships, sex lives can often become too monotonous and repetitive after a while, almost feeling more like a chore than a pleasurable experience. For that reason, it might be wise to start experimenting in the bedroom, in order to find something new and exciting you both enjoy, and rekindle your desire.

You can try a new position, a unique location, or even live out a sexual fantasy you’ve always dreamt about. However, one of the best ways to spice up your sex life is to experiment with exciting adult toys in the bedroom, as these racy tools can help you get to know your own bodies and what they enjoy the most, while giving a whole new meaning to sensuality and pleasure.

4. Focus on honest and open communication

People who are in long-term relationships often expect their partner to automatically know their wishes and desires, without ever vocalizing them. However, the only way both of you can get what you want is by having an honest conversation about your needs. You need to communicate with your partner about the things you want and expect in your relationship, whether it’s your preferred love language or new intimate experiences.

If you’re unsure of your wishes and needs, an open conversation with your partner can also help you come to a conclusion; you can talk about experimenting together, and set clear boundaries you’re both comfortable with, for the best and safest way to improve your intimacy.

5. Don’t forget to take care of yourself


When you’ve been in a relationship for so long, it’s common to lose a sense of individuality; nearly everyone sees you and your partner as one, and so do you. However, it can be incredibly difficult to be attracted to someone who has lost their personal identity.

That’s why it might be wise to rekindle the passion in your relationship by focusing on yourself. Find a hobby or do something just for yourself each day, something personal and self-indulging, and suggest to your partner to do the same. Not only will this allow you to feel happier and more content with yourselves, but it will help to set the standard on how others should love you as well.

From an open conversation to a couple of daily habits and exciting experiments, the passion can easily be revived in any relationship. All it takes is willingness, effort, and commitment.

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