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5 Ways to Keep Your Home Clean - Likeitgirl

5 Ways to Keep Your Home Clean

Maintaining a clean house is based on establishing habits. Performing things on a regular basis becomes easier as time passes and, before you know it, you’ll be keeping a spotless home, without even realizing it. Here are some tips that will help you maintain a clean house, without too much effort.
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Always Make Your Bed

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Keeping your bed tidy can go a long way in making you keep everything else clean within your bedroom. Additionally, it is said that making a habit out of making your bed each morning leads to increased productivity during the day. Starting your morning right will inspire you to do more, as well as make it easy for you to tackle all daily requirements and duties. The psychology behind this is quite logical: after making your bed, you might notice that pile of dirty laundry – something you would’ve probably left there if you weren’t tending to your bed sheets. Having taken the laundry to the washing machine, you may notice that it’s full and that you can turn it on. The idea behind this goes on and on and if you hadn’t started with the easiest of things, such as making your bed, you would have lagged behind with chores.

Leaving Shoes at the Door

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Maybe you haven’t noticed it, but allowing people to enter your home without taking their shoes off at the door will quickly make your home dirty. A simple house rule will suffice here: shoes off after you’ve entered the premises. It’s your house and your rules. If you’re still reluctant about this, think about all the bacteria and toxins that the outside concrete contains – not something you want mingling with your children.

Clean the Small Stuff as You Go

For example, kitchen is the worst place for cluttering filthy stuff. It is a utility room – it has a purpose, a purpose you cannot fulfil, unless the sink, stove and counter are clear and clean. Cleaning the kitchen as you go (immediately after making a meal) will let you run the dishwasher after dinner and leave the kitchen constantly tidy. Unload the washing machine in the morning, gradually fill it up during the day and run it again in the evening.

Big Stuff

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Regardless of how relaxed you are aiming to be with your house cleaning, there are big stuff that simply cannot be cleaned every day. For cleaning these items, make a schedule; clean under your bed every other Tuesday, the top of your wardrobe every other Monday and behind your TV once a month. Chores such as cleaning your tiles definitely fall into this category. We recommend that you opt for quick and professional tile cleaning – professional cleaners always use top of the range equipment and will leave you satisfied.

A Basket for Each Family Member

If your garbage is constantly full and you’re the only one that has to deal with it, simply get everyone their own basket. Refrain from emptying them yourself for a while and everyone will soon learn a valid lesson in chore assignment.

Focus on these ways for a while and you’ll quickly come to realize how easy it is to keep your home clean. Everything that we have mentioned here won’t take up too much of your time, yet it will do the job!

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