5 ways to embrace summer


Hey there summer, we forgive you everything and this time we won’t complain about your heat! The time of the year when we want to soak in the sunshine is getting near, the summer of 2016 is getting sooner than you think. So, make sure you make the most of it. Plan to indulge yourself in entertaining activities which will help you relax and remember this summer as the best ever.


Chick lit for a chic summer

Ok, the entire year you have been messing around with all those office papers and you need something that will be easy to read but at the same time very enjoyable. Pick a book that will make you laugh while you are sunbathing or unwinding on your sofa because you are getting away from the heat. This kind of literature will have positive impact on you, it will improve your social intelligence, however non-mind-stimulating it may seem to you.


Grab your bicycle

If you want to get or stay fit but you really cannot stand the sight of attending a gym during summer, why not shake off the dust from your good old bicycle. Along with enjoying yourself, biking will increase your flexibility and increase joint mobility. What is more, after an entire year of hunching at your office stool, getting on a bike will impact your posture in the best possible way. It is cost-effective too! Instead of wasting a large amount of money on gasoline, this summer will be the summer of setting aside and later investing in something valuable while you enjoy and become fit. Go eco-friendly, bikes do not pollute the environment and they can improve your gut health, and if you decide to engage your girlfriends in this activity, you are bringing about a major change, caring for your surroundings and setting a good example for everyone around you.


Hello there friends

It happens to everyone, after working hours we just feel like dropping our heads on the pillows and we don’t spend as much time as we want to with our beloved ones. Make sure you use this summer to reconnect with your friends and engage with them in fun activities as there are numerous benefits that stem from your joint activities. Book a holiday together or go for learning a new skill. Apply for a photography course with your besties and let your creativity spread or start doing physical exercise together. If you do it with a partner you are more likely to persist and increase your performance. Friends are here to love, cherish and have a good lough with, but use the good vibe to fun activities together as you are said to be more successful if accompanied by them as you strive to put more effort in what you are doing because you know there is somebody watching you.

Release your inner shopaholic

Is there any activity that boosts your mood and makes you forget about all your troubles quicker than shopping? This all adds up to your brain performance as you seek for the perfect piece and combine outfits in your head. This summer what you definitely need is tummy control swimwear to hide any imperfection that may have appeared due to long lazy winter lack of activities. These body-flattering swimsuits are sure to increase your self-esteem as they provide great support and have a slimming effect on your tommy. If you feel like caring about environment, you may even want to consider thrift shopping, too, so as to reduce waste and pollution.


Grab those pans

You can use this summer to learn how to cook by sticking to easy summer recipes. You do not need to be a food expert to learn from the best ones. Preparing food for yourself and the beloved ones will increase your overall productivity. In addition to that, those new recipes will make your summer themed parties better than ever, as you will include some untraditional meals no one will expect to try but once they do they will never forget it! Be the cook of the summer.

Do not let this summer be like all the rest, fill it with fun activities that will boost your brain performance, lift your mood and which will be enjoyable.

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