5 Ways to Create an Inspiring Workplace Environment

More and more companies today acknowledge that workplace environment can affect employees’ productivity. This brought change to the office space that will boost creativity and inspire better work ethics and responsibility. Based on a study, aesthetics has a considerable effect on satisfaction and morale of the employees.

Therefore, in order to create an inspiring workplace environment, here are some efficient ways to do it.  

  1. Go green

Sometimes, creating an inspiring office is all about paring the attitude with space and going green is exactly about that. Being eco-friendly is not only important for the environment but also to show employees you are a responsible employer who cares. And the changes you want to make don’t have to be drastic, but rather to inspire similar behavior among your staff.

Add recycling bins in the workplace on every floor, and instead of using toilet paper, opt for bidets. Perform regular maintenance of HVAC systems to make sure they are not spending too much energy and replace sealants on windows to prevent heat from escaping the space. After work, turn off all non-essential equipment and lights and even consider installing solar panels for power supply.

  1. Create comfortable workstations

While many discussions advice against an open workspace, try to create something in between. Instead of opening the space completely, use shelves with plants for walls and group the employees by teams. Allow employees to personalize their workstations and make sure they all have appropriate furniture like ergonomic chairs and desks.

Open office inspires collaboration among employees and boosts creativity, although you need to make it just right for both extroverts and introverts. After all, it’s important that everyone feels comfortable in order to be more productive and contributive.

  1. Organize a recreation room

Recreation room may seem like a splurge, but it doesn’t have to be anything big like in Google. You can add some board games, reading nooks and TV set, but consider going a bit further. To promote employee health, organize yoga lessons twice a week or light workout fit for all.

The idea is to help your employees unwind the stress and clear their heads so even a punching bag and some fitness equipment would work. A mini-golf course or arcade machines would also be a nice touch and bring the employees together.

  1. Let the colors in

Adding color to space is the easiest way to transform it into something that will create an inspiring working environment. However, you need to pay attention to the amount of light entering the space in order to make it all more effective. That is why commercial painters in Sydney will use even some darker shades since the majority of sunny days allows it.

On the other hand, if you don’t live in a place with so much sun, like Seattle or London, then you should choose light shades. In case of doubt, it’s always good practice to promote colors of your company just make sure to adapt them to the décor. Use one or two dominant colors, just make sure to add others for support and accent.

  1. Invest in the good breakroom

Employees need to take a break from their workload during the day. Investing in a good breakroom would give them a perfect spot to have lunch, chat and drink coffee. To start, choose a place that would be perfect for this type of space, like the roof or somewhere with enough sunlight inside.

Install cozy furniture like seating sets, chairs and coffee tables that can fit a reasonable number of people. In Japan, they build Zen gardens in office space, but if that is too big of a challenge, just add some indoor water features and plants. If the kitchen is part of the breakroom, make sure it’s stocked and has all the appliances necessary for a comfortable day at the office.

All in all


To create an inspiring workplace environment, you need to understand what your employees want. Painting and redecorating will give you improvement, but with positive behavior like going green, you will create a productive office full of satisfied employees.

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