5 Ways to Achieve Spa-Level Results at Home

Everyone wants to feel pampered at some point in their lives. The stress of everyday living can take a toll on not only your emotional and mental health but on your physical health, as well. Skin problems erupt, stress coping mechanisms such as overeating ensue, and your body feels all the effects.

Fortunately, you don’t need to go to the spa to get the royal treatment. Here are 5 ways to achieve that spa-level feeling while in the privacy of your own home.


Having a plan in place will keep the day running smoothly and will keep you stress-free. Have a sense of what kind of treatments you want to pamper yourself with, so that you have all the products and devices you’ll need at hand.

Determine whether you will focus on one area at a time or the entire body instead. Target the problem areas you want to work on first. Facials and body treatments are spa staples, but at home treatments let you target other areas such as cellulite or acne.


If you want to achieve spa-level results, only purchase high-quality devices. Look for hand-held at home hair removal devices that utilize clinically-proven technologies and come cleared by the FDA as well as recommended by skin care specialists.

To eliminate acne, look for devices that use light therapy to improve the look and feel of your skin. Blue light-waves get underneath the skin to kill the bacteria that has gathered at clogged pores. Find the best cellulite treatment device by verifying it will actually promote collagen production and deep tissue tightening. The best anti cellulite home device will also increase the rate of skin renewal, leading to smoother, radiant skin.

Some people still believe the myth that expensive equals quality. While a higher price tag may give you bragging rights amongst your friends, it doesn’t guarantee better results. Do your research before buying a horde of skincare products.

Begin by understanding the type of skin you have and what products work well with your skin type. Test for an allergic reaction before applying the product all over your face or body. Even when using all-natural or organic ingredients, there is a chance of an allergic reaction.
WARDROBE ESSENTIALS Let loose. Take off any tight or restricting clothing. Then, find the softest robe you can and glide your feet into a pair of comfy slippers. Nothing says spa-level treatment like a relaxing wardrobe. If you have the money to spend, splurge on a Turkish cotton robe. The plush material feels like heaven against your skin.


A serene environment is essential to any spa-day. Yet, serenity does not look and feel the same to everyone. So, design your surroundings to your personal preferences. Play whatever kind of music makes you feel most at peace. For some, classical music eases the mind, others find comfort in nature sounds, and still, others may want to rock out to 80s tunes and revel in the nostalgia.

At the end of the day, this is your time. Make it the best spa experience you’ve ever had, without once leaving your home.

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