5 Ways To Accessorize A Bohemian Dress In 2021

If you adore the bohemian dressing style, then celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens, Rachel Zoe, Zoe Kravitz, Sienna Miller, and many others should spring to mind. These ladies are boho queens and fashion influencers who are excellent at putting an outfit together. The beauty of boho fashion is the beautiful variety to choose from in making this look uniquely your own. Here are our favorite ways to accessorize a bohemian dress in 2021.

1. Begin From The Feet Up

Bohemian clothing typically features a flowing fabric that adds lovely movement with every action you take. You can find a gorgeous array of boho dresses with layers such as tiers, ruffles, and crochet or lace accents.


The footwear you choose can depend on the season, your mood, and the unique bohemian vibe you want to put out there.


For instance, runway “IT” models like Kaia Gerber, Irina Shayk, and the Hadid sisters Gigi and Bella have all been photographed in feminine bohemian frocks with combat boots even in summer. The combination of a delicate, flowy garment with a robust and bold boot can create an edgy, modern boho look.


Sandals with wedge or block heels also work nicely with bohemian dresses along with espadrilles or even flat sandals and gladiator styles.


Fringe booties are another gorgeous combo.

2. Layer On The Jewelry

To add interest to bohemian frocks, try on tons of jewelry. You can start with a pair of long, dangling earrings and then put on some layered, thin necklaces of varying lengths that include coins, lariat styles, etc.


If that’s not enough, arm yourself with some pretty bangle bracelets. Nicole Richie has always enjoyed elevating her unique boho-gypsy style with striking gold costume jewelry.


Gold looks elegant, expensive, and timelessly chic even when it’s not 14K. You can find inexpensive jewelry, and no one will know your secret.

3. Cinch It With A Belt

Another effortless and glam way to accent the beauty of bohemian dresses is with a boho belt, and there are many styles to fall in love with. For example, a belly chain belt or one adorned with crystals to wear around your waist or lower around your hips is a delicate way to define your curves and add delicate detail.


Maybe braided leather with a buckle is more of your vibe or a sexy, suede fringed belt that you can tie.


Belts are stunning accessories to collect in various styles and textures and look lovely with maxi or midi dresses.

4. Add A Crossbody Bag

The right handbag can also add an extra boho vibe to your ensemble. Of course, you can try big tote bags, long fringed bags, cute backpacks, and more, but we think that an adorable crossbody bag will look incredible and not overpower your outfit.


A crossbody bag can add the extra ideal boho layer. Look for pretty embellishments and patterns that bring a pop of color to your look. In addition, a crossbody bag adds interest to the top of your dress.

5. Use Your Hair, Adorn It

A bohemian vibe doesn’t only include your fashion choices. Even your hair can play a role by itself or through some fabulous accessories. If you have length, let your hair down and sport those natural curls and waves, or create a beachy hair look with a curling wand.


You can also put on a pretty hairpin or two with gold and crystal embellishments. It’s another lovely layer that the boho look can accommodate. Adornment is part of the vibe, and you can put on a headband or tie a colorful scarf around your head to complete your ensemble.


If you can get your hands on a flower crown (real or faux), that’s another fabulous way to exude a bohemian flair and tie your look altogether.


Boho fashion is unique in that it’s individual, timeless, vintage, edgy, or modern all rolled into one. In other words, you can create your vibe with the basics out there and accessorize to add further interest through texture, color, print design, fabric draping, etc. As the late iconic singer Tom Petty once sang, “You belong among the wildflowers.”

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