5 Ways Mens Lingerie Can Actually Improve Your Sex Life

Like any relationship, sex can be just as complicated. As much as we love doing it, it’s normal to go through occasional rough patches too. Between working full-time jobs and hitting the sheets by midnight, you might feel like there’s no time or energy to squeeze in some “me” time. On the other hand, you could be simply looking for something new to impress your partner. This is where mens lingerie is going to boost your bedroom game.

As big of a claim as it may seem, sexy lingerie for men can actually improve your sex life in more ways than one. You’ve probably seen men in lingerie on some online men’s clothing stores, like Differio, but never really thought much of it. Can a leather jockstrap or mesh thong really make that much of a difference? Surprisingly, it really does, and here’s the lowdown on why.

1.     Different men’s underwear styles force you to be more adventurous.

You’re probably thinking: How sexy can mens lingerie really get? Contrary to popular belief, mens lingerie isn’t only spandex jockstraps and lace bikini briefs. There are actually a wide variety of styles you can experiment with, like fetish accessories, gay underwear, single-leg chaps and butt-enhancing underwear. When you’re experimenting with different styles, it’ll bring about more curiosity to try different positions or get into role-playing. For example, fringe chaps are a popular mens lingerie item because they’ve got that sexy cowboy theme going on.

2.     Mens lingerie will help you gain more confidence in the bedroom.

If you feel sexy, the confidence is automatically going to be there. In a nutshell, mens lingerie is basically designed to make every man feel sexier in his skin. The best part about lingerie for men is that you can choose certain styles to enhance your favorite features. If your butt is your best quality, you should go for backless men’s underwear styles, like mens chaps or mens jockstraps. If your partner is into the peek-a-boo effect, you can try see-through mesh briefs or fishnet boxer briefs.

3.     You’ll gain closeness with your partner.

It’s the little things that make the big difference in a relationship. If your partner sees that you’re buying mens lingerie to improve your relationship, they’ll definitely appreciate your effort. At the very least, even if they’re not turned on by your mens lingerie choice, they’ll at least be turned on by the fact that you spent time and money on them.

4.     Anything new in the bedroom will lead to more excitement.

Whether you’re in a long-term relationship or casually dating, it always helps to switch things up in the bedroom and introduce something new. Mens lingerie is an excellent way to bring back that fire that you might feel like you’ve lost. You can try experimenting with different men’s underwear styles to see what reaction you’ll get out of your partner. You’ll be surprised at how heated things will get by just wearing mens sexy underwear.

5.     The texture of your men’s lingerie or underwear can add stimulation.

There’s a reason mens lingerie comes in a ton of different fabrics. It’s not just for purely visual reasons. Obviously, sex has a lot to do with touch and feel, which includes the fabric of your underwear. Aside from stimulating textures and feeling sexy, you should also feel comfortable in your mens lingerie. It’s already going to be a turn off for you if your package is squished or you’re sweating profusely before things have even started. You can test out different fabrics to see what works for you, like stretch leather briefs or lightweight mesh thongs for men.

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