5 Vital Eco-Friendly Product Swaps to Make This Summer

From our bustling towns and cities to our quiet countryside villages, we all play a role in protecting the planet – and this means minimising our everyday impact. As we embrace the warmer days of summer and the flowers are in full bloom, the Earth is bursting with natural wonder – so there’s no better time of year to reflect on your lifestyle and make amends to ensure our planet’s survival.

In today’s article, we’re providing you with five eco-friendly product swaps you can make this summer to take you one step closer to true environmental harmony.

  1. Eat organically whenever possible

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When it comes to what you eat, the food and drink you buy can make a surprising difference to your eco-friendliness. But with many supermarkets and local stores now stocking organic and Soil Association-approved produce, it’s easier than ever to take the pledge to consume ‘green’ groceries whenever possible. Whether you’re eating out at an organic restaurant, heading to a local farmer to buy organically-grown goods direct from the source or simply cutting down on food miles by avoiding imported products, updating your eating habits will help you take one bit step towards amore planet-friendly lifestyle.

  1. Take care of your skin and your planet

If you’re passionate about the planet, your skin care regime should reflect this, too. From face creams to moisturisers, buying organic skin care products doesn’t have to cost the earth – and by switching to products packed with all-natural ingredients such as marshmallow root, rosehip oil and calendula, you can take care of your skin and the world around you at the same time. Whether you spend hours pampering your skin or only a few minutes every morning, choosing organic products will ensure your skin glows without dulling the environment we live in.

  1. Pamper your pets the eco-friendly way

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As a nation of animal lovers, extending your eco-friendly spending habits to your furry friends is a straightforward switch. Because a number of different pet care brands are certified as eco-friendly and natural these days, you won’t have to spend hours trawling through supermarket aisles reading each label, making it easier than ever to look after your dogs, cats and even horses in an environmentally friendly way. Aside from the environmental benefits of natural pet care, not allowing your pet to come into contact with harsh chemicals or toxins will prevent any potential damage from happening – and will ultimately keep them cleaner inside and out.

  1. Switch suncream to offer all-round protection

With cold winter days now a distant memory, many of us will be looking forward to spending our days basking in the summer sun. Whether you’re heading abroad to warmer climates or holding out for a sunny summer at home, caring for your skin is as important as ever when you’re exposed to the sun’s rays. But to ensure your skin is in the best condition possible, opting for organic protection from the summer sun is always a good way to go – for both your skin and for the planet.

  1. Swap out your sheets for an Earth-friendly alternative

white bed sheets with feetImage source: Pexels

As the temperatures rise, you may have already made the switch from heavy winter duvets to lighter alternatives. But with a tremendous amount of material used in the sheets and duvets we use day-to-day, why not consider an eco-friendly update? Whether you’re looking for handmade duvets or organic mattresses, there are a great variety of forward-thinking certified brands that specialise in bedding – and that means you can sleep easy and with peace of mind that this crucial part of your daily routine is causing as little harm as possible.

As we prepare for the warm summer ahead, it’s worth taking a minute to consider how you can become more eco-friendly this year. With every purchase you make, you can contribute to a healthier and more sustainable planet – and by embracing the five swaps we’ve explored today, you’ll be playing an important part.

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