5 Undergarment Questions That You May Be Apprehensive To Ask

Undergarments are something that you cannot survive without. They are indispensable as you need to wear them every day, under every single outfit. The truth is that you may not be comfortable discussing them because they are personal. However, there is nothing to be embarrassed while talking about your bras and panties. If you have any questions or concerns, you should be willing to discuss them with your stylist or friends. Here are some undergarments questions that you may be apprehensive to ask.

How many undergarments should I own?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this one. Basically, you can have as many as you can buy. But if you ask about how many you need, you should stock up on at least five to seven sets of bras and panties. Start with the basic styles and neutral colors that can be worn under most outfits without showing through. After all, you would not want to gain attention for the wrong reasons.

Comfort or style- what matters more?

Another question that most women have but feel apprehensive to ask is whether they should prioritize comfort or style. The best answer is to look for a combination of both. Stylish undergarments make you feel confident while comfort is something that you cannot overlook at any cost. Obviously, you will look good if you feel good.

How do I find the perfect size in undergarments?

Buying undergarments is mostly about finding the perfect fit. You may know your size but it is always better to take the latest measurements when you shop. If you are buying in-store, you can try the garments to pick the one that fits perfectly. On the other hand, you should follow the size guide if you are exploring options online. The latter is a good idea if you are too embarrassed to talk about your size with a salesman.

How long should undergarments last?

The life of your undergarments depends on their quality and your maintenance and care routine. Ideally, they should last for around a year if you invest in quality products and take good care of them. This estimate considers that you have five to seven sets that you use on a rotational basis. Remember that it is best to hand-wash your undergarments if you want them to retain their shape for longer.

Is it normal to wear different sizes in undergarments?

Yes, it is totally normal because sizes may vary from brand to brand. You may wear a specific size in one brand and a size smaller or larger in another brand. For this reason, trying before buying is the best thing to do. Don’t worry if you are shopping online because stores usually have customer-friendly exchange and return policies. So if the size does not fit properly, you may exchange or return it.

Now that all the key undergarment questions are nearly covered, you probably have all the answers you need. Still, if there is anything that you need to know, you should go ahead and talk to an expert without hesitation.

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