1. The glamor

Feminine ideal par excellence, the Glamor woman arrives in top position in the hearts of men. Like Jessica Rabbit, she carries in her wake a world that makes them dream. Carmine lipstick, excessive lashes, and unforgettable fragrance. A panel that each can take over, provided you cultivate it cleverly! Because, attention, this category does not support almost: the nails are always clean and glossy, the clothes of excellent quality and at the service of the femininity, not of the vulgarity! And no question to skip hair removal. Fan of challenge? Get started, start wearing more dresses and never go out without lipstick, it’s a start.

2. The ingenious

The Engineer as for it captivates a lot of men and of course without knowing it! It seems unreal so much its sincerity and sweetness contrast with the often dull everyday life of the one who lingers to contemplate it! Each of her gestures takes her elsewhere and suggests an intimacy that is so attractive. Passion comes out; seduction is daily because you can not help but fall in love with her remarks, her gestures, where nothing is calculated, or everything seems still so pure. Are you romantic? Do you say bloom? Be confident; your seduction capital is one of the most sought after!

3. The sportswoman

With her it moves, always a running or tennis match in progress or sight! The sportswoman is an ideal partner of each men likes because with her they can say goodbye to boredom, everything goes so fast! And the emulation allows them too not to let go, resulting in a body and a heart on top for both lovers. Good news: every woman can become this ideal, and it starts with simple sneakers, choose yours and go!

4. The dreamer

Because she is still far away in her thoughts, the dreamy woman seems mysterious. This gives it a charm that does not leave people indifferent. How to catch your eye? What is hiding behind this discreet smile? Questions that never stop grabbing their attention! Is it your nature? Do not be ashamed of it; it is an asset, value it! A small pair of glasses as a headband in the hair, a book in hand, a floral dress, go out, the charm is already acting.

5. The engaged

A conqueror, an Amazon such appears the woman engaged for men. She always has a cause to defend, a fight to lead where she would like to train it! Bye-Bye, the routine! With her, they turn their backs on everyday life! Everything to more colors, flavors, and importance! It’s not just a new day that begins, but the very first day of the rest of their lives, so how can we not want to use it best: as being at the service of some cause in need? Volunteer at the “Restau du Coeur”? You are holding something.

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