5 Tricks to See the World Without Breaking the Bank

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There is no doubt that travel can be an extremely expensive venture. However, not all hope is lost if you want to explore the world but you do not have a hefty bank account. With the right approach, you can indulge your travel desires without going into debt. Here are five ways that you can travel the world while watching your budget.

Eat Like a Local

Rather than choosing the restaurants recommended by your concierge or in a guide book, you will be better off eating like a local if your goal is to save money. You can find the best local restaurants by looking at online neighborhood forums or asking around when out and about.

Street food is also generally a good option. Sampling the various food truck and street food options is a fun way to interact with locals while trying the favored cuisines of the destination. As a bonus, it is exponentially less expensive than the food you will pay for when dining at restaurants in the tourist districts.

Work as You Travel

One of the most innovative ways to explore the world on a budget is to choose a job that allows you to travel. For example, perhaps you want to take on a job teaching English in a foreign country? This will allow you to experience a different corner of the world while earning money as you go along.

Or choose a job that will naturally take you to foreign destinations. With a little flexibility, you can tack on extra days before or after your business to explore your new surroundings. Because you are on the company dime for the bulk of the travel, this is an inexpensive way to check more places off of your travel bucket list.

Think Outside the Box

Travel does not have to involve expensive airplane tickets and fancy hotels. You will be able to afford to scratch your itch for wanderlust if you are willing to think outside of the box. Many budget-minded travelers have discovered the freedom of traveling by van with camping essentials. Not only does this save you on transportation costs, but it also reduces your lodging budget.

Once you have the van living essentials in place, you can take off whenever the urge strikes. You will feel at one with the road when you have the freedom to be spontaneous with your travels. While it may take a little getting used to in the beginning, you will come to love this way of travel.

Leverage Credit Card Rewards

If you are responsible with credit, there is no better way to take a big chunk out of your travel budget than by leveraging credit card rewards programs. Be sure to do your research before signing on with a particular card. You want to make sure that you choose a card that gives the rewards most applicable to your personal needs and travel preferences.

For example, if you tend to use a specific airline, a card associated with this provider will yield the biggest savings for you. If you need more flexibility, you will be better served choosing a general travel credit card that gives you versatility in how you decide to cash in your points. Many cards also offer attractive sign-up bonuses, helping you to maximize how much you get out of your travel.

Lean on Public Transportation

Public transportation is your best friend if you want to travel cheaply. A rental car can cost upwards of hundreds of dollars per day. This cost can skyrocket even more when you factor in parking and gas costs. Instead, you should choose to lean on public transportation options when available. Buses, subways, and water taxis are all good options.

If you are physically able, walking is the best option when exploring compact areas. Not only is it good for your health, but it helps you to see all of the little things along the way between your destinations.

These five tips are a great starting point in helping you to brainstorm ways that you can travel without spending a fortune. You will never regret finding new ways to stretch your travel experiences.

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