5 Top Gadgets for Your Next Road Trip

There are a number of downsides to a road trip – especially in terms of incessant traffic, road obstacles, and boring views. You need several devices that can make your journey easier, safer, and better for you and your passengers. With the advent of the latest technology in gadgets, one can expect several entertainment and utility options that can make road travel much more enjoyable. GPS systems for now are not a luxury, since it is not built in within your mobile phones. Many new cars also come in with a good GPS system.

Let’s check out some cool gadgets for your future road trips:

  1. Bluetooth Headset

Since using handheld mobile phones is not legal, a Bluetooth headset helps you communicate through the wireless headset and microphone in case of emergencies. You do not have to fumble with the phone to make and receive calls. Some new models can read out text messages aloud.

A good Bluetooth headset features good sound quality and is handy at playing music too. Additionally, passengers can rely on Bluetooth speaker phones to make hands-free calls.

  1. Car Charger

Do not fight between yourselves to charge gadgets first for the trip. Now with a slew of car chargers available in the market, choose one that has multiple ports. These ports come in handy to juice multiple devices at any point of time. Some also feature Quick charge technology but even a basic car charger with multiple ports can do the job well.

  1. Headrest Mount

The headrest mount and holder can help you hold the smartphone or tablet efficiently especially when you are stuck in a long road ride. You can even use the mount to watch a movie when the car is at rest, or let the passengers enjoy a video when you are driving.

The best headrest mounts can be attached to the bars that are supported by headrests. You can adjust the size to fit in devices of different screen sizes and ensure the best viewing experience.

  1. Dash Cams

One can choose some of the best Dash Cams in the market that can help you record and chronicle your family trip during long hours. Some of these boast of incredible low-light performance and HD video quality along with a handy, built-in GPS to mark your location on the road. Dash Cams have different display sizes so that you can watch the entire footage right in the middle of the trip too.

The cam is handy when the car is parked and can detect any inadvertent impact from an external source, thus recording the footage automatically. Get a good high-capacity SD Card to store the videos without having to worry about space.

  1. USB Flash Drive

USB flash drives are some of the most helpful devices for a road trip. One can carry a lot of information in its puny size, especially when you are not carrying a laptop. You can store your personal information, ID details, work details, backup photos, Opt for a flash drive that includes an all-metal enclosure that aids in the constant transit of large files. Always opt for 64GB and 128GB drives that are backed by warranty. Also USB 3.0 drives are faster in file transfers than the USB 2.0 versions. Choose a USB flash drive that is efficient, durable, and handy enough for road trips.


It is essential to carry basic gadgets for road trips. These gadgets aid travellers in terms of communication, utility, and entertainment too.

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