Maintaining any relationship is hard work. You need to put in effort to create and build relations with other people. All romantic relationships are hard work. But if you truly love a person then this “effort” will not seem hard. No relationship can be perfect, but a healthy one will make the people in it feel good. It is more than attraction as healthy and positive relationships make people feel good and happy. There are tips to continue a relationship that one can follow to create and maintain a healthy relationship with your partner. 

The Three C’s

One of the most important healthy relationship tips are the 3 C’s. Communication is important in any relationship. It’s the one way to make your partner feel appreciated, needed and desired. Communications can be non-verbal and verbal and your actions can also speak for you. How you say something and when also matters. 

Commitment is another thing that two people need to maintain a healthy relationship. It means putting each other first. Knowing that your partner is committed to putting in an effort into the relationship will work wonders.

Two people in a relationship may be very different from each other. But they have come together and need to find common ground. They need to accept differences and learn to compromise and sacrifice on certain things equally.

Honesty and forgiveness

Be truthful and honest with each other about what you think, do and feel. Lies can harm a relationship and it will be difficult to keep the relationship going after that.

It is human to make a mistake, but the deal is in learning from them and moving on. Partners in a relationship will make mistakes too and hence it is important to forgive them and ask for forgiveness when required.

Emotional connection

It is important for couples to maintain an emotional connect with each other and keep each other fulfilled. It is important for both to make each other feel loved, feel valued by the partner. A lack of an emotional connection increases the distance between two people and hence it is important to connect on an emotional level as well.

Keeping other interests alive

It is important for a couple to have some interest and friends that are not common. It isn’t always possible that a couple will be perfect, and that each person will always meet the other’s needs. That will put an unhealthy level of pressure on the relationship. To enrich your life as a couple, it is important to maintain separate interests that allow you to learn and love yourself more. A partner who isn’t satisfied in his own life will not be happy in his/her life as a couple either. So, it’s important to be happy for yourself first and that will, in turn, make your relationship stronger with your partner.

Time, empathy and trust

Giving someone your time is a big gift today. Technology has limitedthe time we actually spend with a person as we multi task by talking and texting together. Be present in the time you spend with your partner and don’t worry about the future. Put in the time and energy that is needed to build relationships.

Trust is the foundation of any relationship and partners must do everything they can to keep that trust. Trusting is more important than love as love cannot last long without trust.

Understanding and empathy can build a connection between two persons. It is understanding the other’s state without blaming or trying to fix anything. Empathy is a big way you can offer support to your partner.

A connection with another human is a profound experience and couples must do their best to maintain it.

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