5 tips to arrange a deck of cards

Just and unbiased shuffling of cards is essential to play a fair game and many people have problem in doing so, particularly when playing without any professional dealer. In order to shuffle arrange the deck correctly, you need to first lean how to shuffle playing cards. There are several ways of doing this and some tips to remember when shuffling that this article will now discuss.

1.     The overhand shuffle

This method is a simple way of shuffling cards often employed by beginners. This is done by holding the deck lightly so that fingers of the right hand rest lightly at the back of the deck and the thumb on top of it. The left hand then lifts the deck off, leaving some of the cards behind held back with the thumb. The left hand then returns the cards onto the deck and this is repeated several times. What needs to be remembered is that the touch needs to be light. You can also use a curled index-finger of the right hand to support the deck.

2.     The weave shuffle

This shuffle is good for beginners, easy and effective in mixing cards. To do this, separate the deck of cards into two packs and align the edges of the upper pile with those of the lower pile. Weave these together for an inch and then apply pressure with the left palm to bend the cards and then release the pressure. Remember to keep your touch light so that the cards do not get damaged.

3.     The Hindu shuffle

To arrange cards using this method, you need to first hold the deck lightly with the thumb and middle finger. Use the other hand to lightly remove packets of cards and let the cards fall into the palm of that hand. Keep removing packets using the right hand and place the last of the packets on top. Remember not to go too fast or cards will be flying everywhere!

4.     Riffle shuffle on the table

Begin with lifting off half the deck with the right thumb. Separate both packs onto the table and hold one in each hand with the index finger lightly on top of the pack, the thumb on the inside edge and the rest of the fingers at the corners of the front edge. After lifting the edges of each packet with the thumb, riffle up the edges of each packet. Now the cards should be shuffled lightly into each other and then push the packs together. Repeat if necessary.

5.     The strip shuffle

This method might be tricky but is a quick and efficient way of arranging cards. The deck needs to be placed on the table. Hold the packet by placing the thumbs of both hands on the back edge and the fingers at the front. The right thumb now grips a small packet while the left hand removes the remaining pack and places it back on top. This is repeated until all the cards have been stripped and dropped back.

These methods of arranging cards are all quick and efficient, requiring only some practice. Keep in mind the above-mentioned tips to arrange decks of cards the next time you decide to play!

Hope you have found these tips helpful. There are many popular games to play with these playing cards. Most common cards include Ace, King & Queen. All of them have great value in every cards game. Feel free to leave comments and reviews because we all know that playing cards are still the trendiest indoor games.

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